What is Numerology? Numerology of Names, Numbers & meanings

Numerology is a popular fortune-telling along with Western astrology in the United States and Europe.

There are many people who are not very familiar with it, but there are people who claim that they have tried numerology even once and are surprised by the results of getting its results, and I think that there are many people who have been obsessed with the charm of numerology.

There are many styles of numerology and general penetration, and it seems to be commonly penetrated, such as modern numerology. Modern numerology organized by a woman named Mrs. L. Dau Barrietta, who was born in 1847, and Kabbalah numerology developed by the mystic thought of Judaism Kabbara, there are many other ideas by the herstist. New views continue to emerge, such as the int. psychology and scientific approaches.

The Power of the subconscious mind

“Space numerology” is the original name.

In the past, we have studied and appraised many numerous art, and while we have found many commonalities such as the meaning of numbers and calculation methods, there are many different views, and we have adopted what we felt to be practically meaningful, and considered it so that complex human emotions and actions can be interpreted more accurately.

Until one person is born into this world and fulfills his or her life, the family environment, the local environment, the historical background, human relationships, and individual qualities, and various factors, are intertwined to form a personality.

The mysterious charm of numerology is not only the view that it hits and does not hit, but by knowing ourself from the point of view of the numbers. We sometimes remain convinced that it is true, isn’t it? I think that it is in the place where some new view is given, such as feeling in doubt. And there is no so-called idea of good luck or bad luck in numerology.

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When we are born into this world, we are born with a mission of our own choosing, and all events and environments are considered to be learning to be happy.

If you can look at yourself from a slightly different angle and have new challenges and goals from it, I think it’s very exciting, fun, and meaningful.

In the following article, we have also incorporated a commentary on the meaning of each number, but we also conduct a comprehensive appraisal that combines multiple numbers that you have in more detail.

In particular, the comprehensive analysis course in numerology is content including the practical plan by fusing the philosophy of life.

It is to clarify the dream and the goal which lurks in our heart seen from the numerology technique, and to make a foothold to make a plan and execute it.

What you can tell by numerology

Numerology understands everything from the date of birth and name to the inner thing of the person and the tendency of fate.

Why is it your date of birth and name?

In numerology, it is thought that children are connected at the level of their parents and souls.

When we are born into this world, we are born with a mission of our own choosing, and all events and environments are considered to be learning to be happy.

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All of us are not born to their parents by chance, but we are born by choosing the “time” and “people” that are appropriate to start the path to fulfill our destiny in order to learn our own challenges and karma that has not been completed.

From the moment a person is named, he gives off the unique energy of the name and begins to act on the person along with the cycle and characteristics of the flow of birth date.

In other words, the energy of birth dates and names create qualities, give talent, attract specific people and events, and allow them to fulfill their destiny.

However, in a long life, the name may change depending on marriage, etc.

What about this?

There are differences in the way of thinking between numerothists, but many believe that the energy of the name, named at birth will continue to affect life even if the name changes in the middle of life.

And, it is thought that the energy of the new name is added to the person by the name change.

Numerology calculates a person’s secret number from their date of birth or name, but for example, the number of births obtained by singular conversion of the date of birth or the number of first and last names obtained from the name does not determine the person.

A person cannot say that it is everything from one side, and when he encounters an unknown event, he may act unexpectedly from the values that lurk deep in his heart that he did not realize.

Of course, the number of births and the number of first and last names is the secret number that represents the person, and it can have a stronger influence if the same number as the number obtained by other items overlaps, but I do not think we understood the person only by it.

When you want to understand a person (including yourself) who has an endless inner world like the universe, I think it is important to take it as multifathentally as possible.

The meaning of numbers

In numerology, it is thought that the numbers from 1 to 9 and each number of 11 and 22 contain meaning respectively.

Some numbers, including 33 and 44, are different, but basically the above numbers seem to be almost the same.

Now, what numbers do I have?

As you can see on the “What you can tell by numerology”, the first thing you should know is that there are numbers that have a big impact on that person, but there is not only one number for an individual.

The number of births calculated from your date of birth is the number of births that affect you most, but it also represents your universal qualities such as your natural qualities, attitude to live, personality, tendency of fate, and mission, and teaches you who you really are.

In addition, the number of first and last names calculated from the name shows talent and character, and there are many other ways to look at the number of hearts that indicate the desire that instinct wants, and the number of personalities that you can understand your superficial impression.

This section describes how to calculate the number of births.

1. Write down the birth date in a year, break down the numbers for each year, month, and day, and add them to one digit for each year, month, or day. At this time, if 11 or 22 comes out in the middle of the calculation in either the year, the month, or the day, the calculation is so far.

2. When the sum of the year, month, and day comes out, add them together until they reach a single digit.

At this time, the calculation stops when 11 or 22 comes out.

That’s all there is to it, but let’s give you an example.

E.g.) For persons born on November 16, 1992

Year: 1+9+9+2=21=2+1=3

Monday: 11 =11 (← 11 came out, so stop here)

Sun: 1+6=7


In the above case, the number of births is 3.

The next page introduces the basic qualities of each number, so please take a look if you can calculate your numbers.

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