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The Energy of Consistency: 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Potential

Some of the highly effective forces on the earth is a product of the human thoughts and can. That product is — consistency.

With consistency, you will have the power to push previous frustration, indecision, procrastination, and all kinds of -ions and -isms.

With out consistency, even the perfect laid plans stay unfulfilled and collect mud as time passes and goals change into passing visions.

On this article, you’ll be taught:

  • What consistency is
  • Why consistency is so vital
  • A mindset and philosophy you should use that can assist you be extra productive
  • Nuanced ways that can assist you be extra constant

If you happen to discover it troublesome to stay constant otherwise you need to be extra constant in your life, then you definately’ll need to learn on.

What’s Consistency and Why Is It So Necessary?

what is consistency

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines consistency as:

marked by concord, regularity, or regular continuity : free from variation or contradiction

The important thing phrases on this sentence are concord, regularityand continuity. That means, constant actions are in concord with different like actions, they’re an everyday prevalence, and so they proceed regularly.

Consistency helps to create the issues we wish and want in our life.

Consistency is the cornerstone of habits and behavioral change.

Everybody needs to be a brand new particular person however that “new particular person” is the composite of a whole lot or 1000’s of constant actions executed every day over a selected time period.

James Clear says it so clearly (no pun meant) in Atomic Habits:

Enhancing by 1 % isn’t significantly notable—typically it isn’t even noticeable—however it may be much more significant, particularly in the long term. The distinction a tiny enchancment could make over time is astounding. Right here’s how the mathematics works out: if you will get 1 % higher every day for one yr, you’ll find yourself thirty-seven occasions higher by the point you’re executed. Conversely, if you happen to get 1 % worse every day for one yr, you’ll decline practically right down to zero. What begins as a small win or a minor setback accumulates into one thing rather more.

Consistency is to self-improvement as iron is to metal. With out it, true and lasting outcomes are not possible.

In the identical token, consistency paves the best way to mastery by way of behavior formation as a result of it units a basis for the elusive state of mastery to happen.

On this situation, who’s extra prone to attain excessive ranges of talent?:

  • An individual who performs guitar for quarter-hour in the future, an hour the subsequent, then doesn’t play for per week
  • An individual who performs guitar for half-hour a day, each single day with an goal objective in thoughts

It’s fairly apparent — the second man.

By repeating particular actions over and over, you develop an setting for change to happen and finally settle into your identification.

You’re taking one thing that was within the realm of the unfamiliar to “that is who I’m” all by repeating an motion again and again repeatedly till it turns into a part of who you’re.

Most significantly, consistency fuels and is fueled by the idea of incremental beneficial properties.

Consistency and Lag vs. Lead

Consistency and Lag vs. Lead

As soon as once more, from Atomic Habits:

Your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits. Your internet value is a lagging measure of your monetary habits. Your weight is a lagging measure of your consuming habits. Your data is a lagging measure of your studying habits. Your litter is a lagging measure of your cleansing habits. You get what you repeat.

You solely see the outcomes of actions after you do them. That sounds type of “duh” however you’d be stunned how many individuals truly reside their lives this fashion.

Numerous folks count on to have a super-ripped physique or to be financially impartial with a minimal of effort. Many individuals need to see outcomes earlier than they achieved the objective.

This is the reason lots of people fall for “get wealthy fast” schemes or “hacks”. It’s troublesome and strenuous to develop a powerful work ethic or think about objective achievement, so many individuals will go for the quick and seemingly straightforward technique to obtain targets.

However life doesn’t work that means – the targets are at all times achieved after the outcomes.

Conversely, the injury at all times comes after the motion is completed. You get the hangover after the ingesting. You notice you don’t have the funds for for hire after you spend it.

That is fundamental trigger and impact, which is a pure regulation, as illustrated on this podcast episode:

Methods to Be Constant (Over Time)

How to Be Consistent Over Time

The act of consistency is a multi-faceted self-discipline that comprises many components. Right here’s a mannequin you may observe to construct consistency into your life and every day routines.

1. Set up a Aim

With the intention to know whether or not you’re heading in the right direction or not, you want an goal measure of your progress (or lack of it). That is the place targets is available in. Objectives enable you orient your self and your efforts in the direction of undertaking one thing.

Take the instance bulking up within the fitness center. You presently weigh 175 kilos and also you need to get to a weight of 200 kilos. You determine that it might be possible so as to add .5 kilos of lean mass per week, making a cumulative whole of two kilos per 30 days.

If all goes nicely, you’ll have hit your objective in a couple of yr (2 kilos x 12 months = 24 kilos in a yr).

With the intention to hit this objective, you’ll want to persistently go to the fitness center, eat proper, and sleep nicely. This implies doing these items over and over till they change into routine and ordinary.

If you happen to’re not constant, you’ll by no means shut the hole between who you’re and who you need to be.

If you’re not consistent, you’ll never close the gap between who you are and who you want to be. Click To Tweet

2. Scale Up

When you’ve established the objective, you’ll have to scale up your efforts to realize that objective, particularly in the event that they’re already minuscule or non-existent.

As you begin to scale up, you’ll end up hitting in your productive capacities in several areas. For many individuals, these limits are self-imposed/haven’t been examined, so they’re artificially low by default.

The act of being constant is to increase these capacities little by little.

Going again to the instance of including muscle mass, lifting extra quantity of weight over time is the way you accomplish that.

This implies continually pushing the boundaries of what you’re able to over time. This implies increasing your consolation zone.

3. Grasp the Artwork of Behavior Formation

A device that’s good to have in your arsenal is figuring out how one can construct and break habits. Habits are on the cornerstone of all of the we do and your life will likely be dictated by them in a way. Your habits would be the “invisible hand” that shapes the trajectory of your life. J. Paul Getty says it plainly:

“The person who needs to succeed in the highest in enterprise should admire the may and drive of behavior. He have to be fast to interrupt these habits that may break him and hasten to undertake these practices that can change into the habits that assist him obtain the success he needs.”

If you wish to be constant, you’ll want to set up habits that propel you in the direction of the objective you’re being constant in the direction of and break the habits that stop you from doing that.

And for my part, breaking your dangerous habits will go a good distance that can assist you change into the person or particular person you want. Consider dangerous habits as a brake on a automobile. As you press down on that brake, the automobile begins to decelerate. Once you press down all the best way, the automobile comes to an entire cease. Dangerous habits are the identical means.

For every dangerous behavior that you’ve got in your life, it is going to weigh you down till finally they cease you from going wherever.

It’s possible you’ll not attain your vacation spot while you develop good habits however you’ll virtually by default make sure you by no means make it there with a bunch of dangerous habits.

You may not reach your destination when you develop good habits but you will almost by default ensure you never make it there with a bunch of bad habits. Click To Tweet

4. Keep Motivated

The act of being constant could be very taxing. You’re working day in and time out, doing repetitive actions with seemingly little or no outcomes. Over time, that may put on on you…IF don’t have the suitable mindset – and that mindset comes from motivation.

There are two major kinds of motivation: exterior (or extrinsic) and inner (or intrinsic). Exterior motivation is often a set off to begin motion, intrinsic motivation is the fireplace that propels motion.

instance of extrinsic motivation is getting rejected by your crush after which deciding to get jacked or enhance your sport, an excellent instance of intrinsic motivation is the will to get a greater paying job so you may present in your speedy household.

Each could be good, however solely intrinsic motivation will maintain you thru the times the place you ask “what the hell am I doing this for?

To be taught extra about how one can get motivated, take a look at The Science of Deep Motivation: Methods to Get and Keep Motivated.

Wrapping Up + Subsequent Steps

There are lots of methods to realize your model of success however with out consistency in no matter you do, you’re by no means gonna make it. Whether or not or not it’s saving cash to purchase a home or go on a visit, doing repeat exercises to get match, making use of to jobs while you’re unemployed, and even getting a social life – constant day in and time out efforts will get you nearer to your objective(s).

Consistency takes benefit of the pure studying mechanism of the human mind and the pure regulation of the slight edge to create momentous shifts over time.

The actual technique to be constant over time is to set a objective, scale up your efforts to realize that objective, grasp the artwork of behavior formation, and to remain motivated.

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