LHC and other particle accelerator

LHC and other particle accelerators

The great challenges of today’s science require infrastructures and monstrous investments, among which are the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – the particle accelerator that started on 10 Sept 2008, the most powerful in the world -, the Pierre Auger Observatory – the largest cosmic ray detector of the moment-, the Cassini Huygens probe – the …

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particle physics standard model

Particle Physics Standard Model

What is the Standard Model of Particle Physics? A theory explaining the relationships between known fundamental interactions between elementary particles that make up all matter is the standard model of particle physics. It is a quantum field theory that is consistent with quantum mechanics and special relativity that was developed between 1970 and 1973. Nearly …

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wave particle duality of electrons

Wave Particle duality of electrons

Is Light Particle or Wave? Bohr considered electrons as particles and light as a wave in his development, Einstein’s concept of the existence of two theories of light (waves and particles) which had not been connected in a logical way had already been accepted. Then another renowned scientist appears Louis de Broglie, who suggested a …

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