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Reality and imagination quote

It is difficult to say what is real and what is imaginary, what is a new discovery vs vivid illusion. Ideas, concepts, inventions, predictions, foretelling of the future, extrasensory perceptions, parapsychology and such things, all involve vivid imaginative or a mindset free to roam and accept what things arrive within it, rather than putting them …

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the law of attraction explained

The Law Of Attraction Explained with Proven Facts & examples

We have heard of the term ‘Law of Attraction’. Lets understand it from top to bottom. What is the Law of Attraction? The law of attraction (LOA) is the idea that the world makes and gives us what our minds focus on. The law of attraction is always working like the law of gravity and it’s true that it is working right now while you’re reading the article. ‘The law of vibration’ and the …

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Making of a Healthy Brain

Making of a Healthy Brain

The brain is a mysterious, marvelous organ and extremely complex. Everyone’s brain has billions of neurons that are continuously sending signals to each other permitting us to experience sensations and emotions, to sleep, to recall memories, to focus on important meetings or exams, and also permits us to just relax.  Our brain is the source of everything that occurs in your …

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