How Old is the Universe?

How Old is the Universe? (All Calculations so far)

A Bible-based assumption of a few thousand years was made by Isaac Newton. Einstein believed in a World that was steady-state, ageless. Since then, somewhere in the centre, data obtained from the Universe places the probable response. First Ingredient: Quantum mechanics    In the early 20th century, it was realized that the stability of atomic …

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wave particle duality of electrons

Wave Particle duality of electrons

Is Light Particle or Wave? Bohr considered electrons as particles and light as a wave in his development, Einstein’s concept of the existence of two theories of light (waves and particles) which had not been connected in a logical way had already been accepted. Then another renowned scientist appears Louis de Broglie, who suggested a …

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frequency of 7 electromagnetic waves

Frequency of Electromagnetic Waves

What is the Frequency of a Wave? Radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, infrared light, all these names describe, in fact, the same phenomenon: The electromagnetic waves. An electromagnetic field surrounds us always, in the same way that air surrounds us. Electromagnetic waves are disturbances in the electromagnetic field, as the sound is a disturbance of air …

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