Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul

Signs you’ve sold your soul

If a person is willing to do anything at all for the sake of money, fame, pride, and an excess of belongings, it is a sign that their soul has been sold. It is a certain way to sell your soul if you detach yourself from ideals that are more grounded in reality, such as being kind, being eager to assist others, and being sympathetic.

It’s not necessary to cut yourself off from the contemporary world if you don’t want to part with your spirit just because you don’t want to sell it. To succeed, all you need to do is lead a simple, honest life and try not to do harm to anybody else while you’re about it.

34 Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul And How To Get It Back

The idea that one has “sold their soul” is a metaphor that describes what happens when a person violates the morally upright and authentic core of their being.

The majority of world faiths and spiritual societies hold the belief that every human being has a soul. It is a commonly held belief that when a person dies, their soul departs from their body and continues to live on in some other form. Some people are of the opinion that after a person dies, their soul moves on to spend eternally in paradise. Some people believe that it gets reborn into the body of another living creature on Earth at some point.

Signs you've sold your soul
Signs you’ve sold your soul

In any case, every culture maintains the conviction that the soul is an unquestionably virtuous and flawless being. Because of this, people have a natural inclination to want to help other people and do what’s right.

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The most important thing to remember is that the character of a person is based on their soul. It is for this reason that when someone acts in a manner that is excessively cruel or lacking in virtue, it is stated of them that they have sold their soul to the devil.

In point of fact, the temptation of pleasure is often the factor that leads a person to betray the message that their soul tries to convey. In a number of world faiths, it is believed that the devil is the one who tempts people to engage in wicked behaviour.

If a person disobeys the precepts of God, it is believed by certain faiths that their souls would be tormented in hell for all of eternity alongside that of the devil. The vast majority of world faiths preach that an individual will suffer consequences in the hereafter for their actions in this life.

It would seem, however, that there are consequences throughout your existence here on Earth as well. Continue reading the list down below to find out what each of these things is.

This list will provide you with indicators that you have sold your soul to the devil, as well as some signs that you have done so in the past.

  1. You Have a Selfish Attitude

Keep in mind that our souls instil in us the wisdom to treat other people with compassion and virtue. It’s a good place to start looking for evidence that you sold your soul if you engaged in behaviour that you knew would be to your own advantage but would be detrimental to others.

  1. The actions you do are causing the suffering of other people.

Another unmistakable sign that a person has sold their soul is when their activities cause the agony of a small group or perhaps hundreds of other individuals.

  1. You Feel Guilt

This is one of the most obvious indications that your soul has been bought and sold. After selling their soul, it is quite unlikely that a person would feel wonderful, or even OK for that matter.

  1. In Order to Accomplish What You Want, You Were Required to Lie.

If the things you did were kind and good, you wouldn’t feel the need to cover them up with a lie. In point of fact, the instant you sold your soul to the devil is often considered to be the first time you lied. In the same vein, if you needed to breach a commitment in order to get what you desired, you might make the same argument.

  1. You coerce someone into doing something that they had no interest in doing.

People who work in direct sales are often accused of engaging in high-pressure sales tactics, attempting to exert control over consumers, and doing everything it takes to make a sale, regardless of whether or not the customers want to buy the product.

Salespeople put forth a lot of effort, yet there are appropriate and inappropriate approaches to persuade others. Even if a consumer finally agrees to sign off on whatever it is you’re doing, it’s still unethical to put pressure on them or manipulate them in any way.

  1. You Didn’t Bother to Read the Fine Print

Perhaps you were the one who was forced to sign a contract that put the lives of other people at jeopardy. It may be argued that you are continuing to sell your soul to the devil even while you are taking active steps to avoid examining how your actions will affect others.

According to something that was told by Dr. Rex Touth, “You must know what you are doing when you make the bargain or Satan would scam you blind.”

  1. You Obscured The Terms And Conditions

If you were the one who proposed a sale and you withheld things from the buyer, then you may as well have sold your soul. Lying by omission is still lying.

  1. There Was No Opportunity for a Win-Win

In each transaction, there ought to be something of value for both of the persons involved. Whenever the transaction is not in the best interests of both parties, you are often need to sell your soul in order to complete it.

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  1. You Prioritized Enjoyment Over Accomplishing Your Goals

When the devil wants to have his way, he will often seduce a good person with pleasure rather than with a sense of purpose or satisfaction.

  1. You Went Against Your Core Values

It’s the same as selling your soul if you don’t stick to your convictions about what’s right in this world, so don’t do it.

  1. You Went Against Moral Principles

There are certain things that may be found in our world that are agreed upon by everyone to be unethical and improper. If you choose to violate these ethical standards, you may be certain that you made the decision to sell your soul.

  1. You Ignored the Warnings of Others Who Suggested That You Shouldn’t Do It

Ignoring the fine print in a contract is comparable to this. It’s a very good sign that you’re ready to sell your soul if you don’t pay attention to what the thoughts of other people are about the things you’re doing.

  1. Both Your Family and Friends Are Disappointed in You

If individuals who are generally considered to be nice and moral feel let down by what you’ve done, you can be very certain that you’ve sold your soul.

  1. You’re Resorting To Escapism

Alcohol. Drugs. Casual sex. Using your money to buy yourself an infinite supply of short-term pleasure. After understanding you’ve sold your soul, it’s typical to attempt to avoid feeling guilty in a variety of ways, including the ones listed above.

  1. You Reacted Due To A Lack Of Resources

Another indication that you have made the decision to sell your soul is that you believed that this dishonest transaction was the only way to get the better life you desired. There are many other ways to achieve success that do not entail endangering the lives of other people.

  1. You Preyed on People’s Desperation to Get What You Wanted

In circumstances like this, doing so is almost always analogous to selling your soul.

  1. The Price That You Paid Is Considerably Below The Going Rate

People are acting out of desperation when they offer goods or services at prices that are far lower than the going market rate. Frequently, they are desperate for any amount of money in order to create a living for themselves or their family, even if it is just a few dollars. There are occasions when everyone comes out ahead. However, the buyer often does not have a choice.

The building of Dubai is an excellent illustration of this point. The construction workers received a monthly wage of $175 even though they were required to work nonstop for twelve hours, seven days a week. Another illustration of this may be seen in the preparations being made for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. These individuals need employment at any cost, yet they ended up being forced to work in conditions that violated their human rights for a considerable amount of time.

In order to make these ideas a reality, those in positions of authority had to compromise their morality.

  1. It Places a Physical Burden on Your Shoulders

Do you wake up with stress already present in your muscles? This low-quality energy is often a sign of stress, but it might also be an indication of the guilt you feel as a result of selling your soul.

Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul ad get it back
Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul ad get it back
  1. You Did Not Experience Any Joy in Your Daily Life

In many cases, this is what first motivates individuals to engage in the practise of selling their soul. It’s possible that a person became so fed up with their average existence that they were willing to do everything to attempt to break free of it, even if it meant hurting other people in the process.

The unfortunate fact is that after selling their souls, these individuals often do not enjoy much pleasure in their lives either. In point of fact, the guilt and the other symptoms might make their life more difficult and worsen their condition.

  1. You Have No Respect for Yourself

This is another another situation that might persuade a person to compromise their morals and sell their soul. They either lacked self-respect before to carrying out the action, or they lost it as a consequence of carrying out the conduct.

  1. You Did Not Carry Out The ‘Correct Action’

If you didn’t have the feeling that what you were doing was the ‘right thing,’ there’s a significant probability that you were selling your soul to do it anyhow.

  1. You Don’t Seem to Take Pride In Your Deeds

It’s not often that you hear someone bragging about the fact that they sold their soul.

  1. You Are Constantly Trying to Make Excuses for Your Actions

If you’re always trying to justify your actions, both to yourself and to other people, there’s a significant likelihood that you sold your soul in order to get what you wanted (and you know it deep down).

  1. You Confuse Yourself Into Thinking That Other People Are Negative

This is a time-honored justification that people use when they make the decision to do harm to other people.

  1. Your Actions Were Motivated by Revenge

Acting on cravings for retribution is almost never nice, ethical, or the “right thing” to do. It is nearly never the “right thing” to do.

  1. You Consider Your Own Happiness to Be of Greater Importance Than That of Others

This kind of egotistical mindset might motivate people to compromise their morals and sell their souls.

  1. You Were Seeking Wealth or Power

The three things often referred to as the “trinity of contentment and pleasure” are power, sex, and financial success. This is often the deal that the devil proposes in return for a person’s soul.

  1. You Have Committed A Crime.

The vast majority of laws were enacted to guide individuals in being morally responsible toward one another and to make life easier for society as a whole. If you deliberately choose to breach the law, there is a good possibility that you also chose to sell your soul in order to do so.

However, not all individuals who disobey the law are selling their souls in the process. It’s possible that the individual who speeds to the hospital by driving in the bus lane won’t do any harm to anybody else. Attacking a bus driver and taking his vehicle, on the other hand…

  1. You Eloped After the Business Transaction Was Completed

The quintessential manifestation of remorse that follows the selling of one’s soul. Criminals grab their clients’ money and go, rather than providing continued assistance for their customers’ businesses.
You Are Afraid Of The Wrath Of Your God, 30.

When individuals in religious communities sell their souls, this is one of the signs that manifests most often. After all, nobody enjoys contemplating the possibility of spending the hereafter tormented by flames in hell.

  1. You Can’t Sleep

Another well-known sign of feeling guilty. The fact that others are asking you “how do you sleep at night?” is a strong indicator that they believe you have compromised your morals in some way

32. Having a loss of regard for oneself

When you behave in a manner that is disrespectful toward another person, you erode your own sense of self-respect.

For instance, you are condemning the other person without providing any good grounds for doing so. This may have arisen from feelings of envy or animosity against the other individual.

While we welcome constructive criticism, we do not tolerate any other kind of criticism that is motivated by hate. The only thing you accomplish is giving the impression that you’ve compromised your morals in order to stroke your ego.

This kind of conduct is the result of having a negative self-image and a lack of respect for oneself. Simply because you have great self-esteem does not indicate that you will look down on other people.

It indicates that you will be at peace with yourself and that you will not do damage to either yourself or to other people.

33. You never have a positive thought.

Negative thoughts are normal and should not be seen as abnormal for any person. We all go through highs and lows in our lives.

Nevertheless, if this conduct evolves into a consistent habit, you will quickly understand that it is one of the indicators that you’ve sold your soul. This is one of the signs that you’ve sold your soul.

Your overall perspective on the world will suffer if you have a pessimistic mentality. There will be no grey area visible; either it will be completely black or completely white.

Not only will you progressively undermine the potential of what you are capable of doing, but you also run the risk of beginning to damage others.

A destructive frame of mind may lead to acts of aggression, such as harassment and the infliction of pain on others. When you start acting in such a manner, that is how you will know for sure whether or not you have sold your soul.

34. Being highly self-centered and refusing to assist other people

It does not imply that you should devote your whole life to serving the needs of others. Your life will be filled with misery and unhappiness if you give up everything for the sake of others and ignore your own need. You will need to strike a healthy middle ground.

Despite this, there are some individuals who spent their whole lives being self-centered and keeping everything to themselves. They walk right by an abandoned and vulnerable animal as if it were nothing more than a piece of trash. They do not provide any assistance to those who are powerless due to their own circumstances.

There is a distinction to be made between assisting people who really need assistance and those who are just plain lazy and search for the simplest way to get through the day. Indeed, such individuals are drug addicts who squander each and every cent in their possession in an effort to avoid facing the truth.

You have one of the telltale indicators that you’ve sold your soul when you fail to aid those who are in desperate need of your assistance but you refuse to help them.

However, it is not necessary to gaze quite that far away. Your family will always be in need of your assistance, and it is always a kind gesture to provide your assistance to them in whatever capacity they may need it. If you don’t want to sell your soul, then you should try to make it one of the guiding moral values in your life.

How to get your Soul back

Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul and get it back
Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul and get it back

Take the balance of yourself

It might be challenging to regain your integrity and to rediscover the spark that is inside you.

You may have found it simple to sign away all you stand for in order to take a trip to the top, but in order to regain your sanity and stability, you are going to have to go deeply into your roots.

The question now is, what can you do to regain your soul?

Put an end to seeking for it “out there” in the world.

Start from inside yourself.

Stop looking for solutions and answers outside of yourself in order to improve your life, since you are well aware that this approach is not producing the desired results.

The reason for this is because you will never find the contentment and fulfilment that you are looking for unless you are able to look inside yourself and release your own unique power.

This was something that the shaman Rudá Iandê taught me. His purpose in life is to assist individuals in regaining a sense of harmony in their lives and in realising their full creative and intellectual potential.

He employs a phenomenal strategy that brilliantly marries traditional shamanic practises with a contemporary spin on things.

Make amends

Make apologies for the ways in which you have wronged or harmed other people, if at all feasible.

If this involves going to the individuals you’ve wronged and taking the time to apologise in person, then you should definitely make the effort.

They are under no need to forgive you or even listen to what you have to say, but if they are willing to hear what you have to say, you should take advantage of the opportunity.

Consider this your comeback tour in the event that you have disappointed loved ones and friends in the past and damaged the hearts of those around you.

Even if you are becoming a few years older and your hair is greying, you are prepared to fulfil their expectations of the kind of man they have always hoped you would be and to do all it takes to make their lives more enjoyable.


This open, honest, and courageous look at the actions you may take to repair your soul is offered in the hopes that it will be of use to you. People have to be given permission to be flawed before they can experience love.

The connection you have with yourself will always be the most significant one you’ll ever have.

It serves as the base upon which the rest of the structures in your life are constructed.

Therefore, it stands to reason that you should be conscious of the way in which you treat yourself on all levels—physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Try not to evaluate the amount of value you have as a person based on the things you have accomplished, the opinions of other people, or the amount of money you have in your bank account.

If you believe that it is time for you to reclaim your soul from the devil, the 25 indicators that are described above will most certainly assist you in finding your way back home.

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