Relativity Creationism Cosmology – Science (time and space) with Spirituality

Relativity Creationism Cosmology – Science (time and space) with Spirituality

Relativity Creationism – the new Scientific Spiritual Cosmology – fuses data from science (united through Relativity Ratios and Photon Quantum Physics) with profound Spiritual breakthroughs from major world religions. We look at time and space utilizing scales from our (electromagnetic) Spectrum of Light.

Wavelengths of Light extend from the most powerful celestial sources (stars and star forms) to the human body, plants, animals, cells, molecules (DNA-RNA, Amino Acids – Proteins, Sugars-Carbohydrates, Lipids, Cholesterol, Vitamins-Enzymes), to the properties of atoms studied at high energy X-ray and Gamma Rays (Nanometers, Angstroms and Picometers). The Spiritual Core relies on wisdom stemming from Ancient Egypt, the Classical Mayan Calendar, ancient Greek Spirituality with Heraclitus’ Great Year, Christianity with the Bible, Islamic-Sufi Oneness, Buddhist Cosmology, Hindu Cosmology and significant philosophies.

This new Cosmology “Relativity Creationism” understands the “Evolution and Involution” of our Cosmos with Scot Aaron’s “Relativity Ratios.”

Relativity Creationism intimately connects with Einstein Special Theory of Relativity comparing “Frames of Reference” from powerful God-Divine Energies creating our Universe. This model infers stages (as in symbolic “days of creation”) within a seed-like “Supernova Circle” of about a 1.6 km core radius.

The Light resonance and magnetic polarities from the atomic nucleus organize a perfectly conceived Earth, planets in the Solar System, and a Spiritual Astronomy (from Constellations to Zodiac stars, High Energy Pulsars and Supernova Remnants – SNR), through the most powerful cosmic sources out to M31-the Great Andromeda Galaxy.

A “Light Year Ring” of powerful X-ray and Gamma-Ray Sources (seen and inferred from our Galactic Center – Sgr A East, around the Vela Pulsar and the Crab Nebula) connects to powerful Spirits, and especially to our spiritual essence (souls). The most aware, powerful humans from recorded time (the past 6000 years) and our symbolic time (Pre-Noah, Atlantis) emanate from immanence in “Key Spirits” and their (our) intelligence — i.e. represented in a type of “Pre” Existence.

Core high energy Gamma Ray, X-ray, Visible Light and Radio Wave intensities of powerful Spectral Light shares the “intelligence” (the light) of Creation with Spirits and Humans. The “Relativity Ratios” (RR) of Power unfold from 24 primary centres (observed and inferred from the Crab Pulsar and 1987SN – Supernova 1987) – our symbolic Great Light Year Orbit.

Relativity Creationism Cosmology - Science (time and space) with Spirituality
Relativity Creationism Cosmology – Science (time and space) with Spirituality

Peak energies from our Spectrum of Light spiritually emanate stages of immanence, interconnected as dynamic “consciousness cores” of Celestial Light.

Einstein’s Relativity shows how stages of Divine Consciousness relate to Spirituality and Energy- Power extending from God, demigods, angels, ancestors, Enlightened Beings, and aware humans. Light is grounded in our observed, measurable, academically examined physical reality that ultimately represents a spiritual map understood through Scot Aaron’s “Relativity Ratios.”

(Note – Energy is compared to time. What is your Frame of Reference; how fast are you and your consciousness travelling in terms of Light Speed, 300,000 km/sec.? How can an inspirational spark, a great idea, unfold to impact humanity?) Energy in one frame of reference is condensed and intensified to where time “appears” to move slower in another frame of reference. The energy accumulated from 10,000 Earth years can unfold in a single year – as if for Earth’s “Light Year Peak of Consciousness.”

(Note that Earth orbits at 30 km/sec, requiring 10,0000 years to travel a light year.) Condense and further intensify all-time through a lunar month, a day, an hour, even the most powerful Divine Breath. (Consider Hindu Cosmology, and an in and out-breath of God — the Involution and Evolution of the Cosmos.) The power of Light within ratios of relativity present the power of potential energy [E] with kinetic illuminations. Buddhist Cosmology presents similar realms showing real Spiritual capacities that create our Earth reality (through interdependent realms of consciousness).

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity describes the “roundness” of time and space. Curvatures of time and space show how the End Time can create the Beginning, even as the Beginning foundationally inspires Seeds creating Existence-Life. Contrary to Big Bang Theory, with its Inflation, our known Earth reality begins with powerful high energy Light around a pulsating Neutron Star (where the high energy pulse pulsates throughout a meta-physical Light Year Orbit). Then, in terms of linear time, Time and Space “appear” (from uniform frames of reference) to Fall-Expand 400,00 times.

(Note – the 400,000 “Fall-Expansion” stems from God’s most intense high energy immanence primarily centred in a Light Year Ring. This Light Year Ring combines with another Uniform Frame represented as a Realm of dark, infected, weak energies. The final fusion of enlightened spiritual awareness with the Dark Realm equates to our current reality travelling at 30 kilometres per second on Earth in our current “Uniform Framed” Universe. In essence, the Speed of Light “Fall-Expands” 400,000 to the Speed of Sound and our human form of communication. Page 115 of Scot Aaron’s God’s Science compares the Speed of Light to the Speed of Sound within the context of Special Relativity and our “apparent” Fall-Expansion.’)

Dynamic activity occurs around the Crab pulsar. The M1-Crab pulsating Neutron Star appears to activate various of the approximately 24 high energy X-ray cores (Hester, 2002) that form an inner ring . This Relativity Creationism Cosmology models the Inner Ring as a symbolic “Light Year Ring.” [Note – this supernova explosion occurred about 1000 years ago in 1054. Image is from Figure 11.3, p. 81 of Scot Aaron’s God’s Science.]
vela pulsar rings
vela pulsar rings- Energy-Light surrounding the Vela Pulsar presents two distinct rings [or arcs] modeled in Relativity Creationism as a 1st and 2nd Ring that Fall-Expand 400,000 times to our current “Relative” realm. [Image is from Figure 16.8, p. 146 of Scot Aaron’s God’s Science.]

We humans go round and round 10,000 times to travel a Light Year. This “Light Year” concept can be related to the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus. Take the best of 10,000 years – a generation a day – for our “Great Year” Peak of Earth Consciousness. The Biblical parable of the Tares and Marriage Feast highlights our “cream of the crop,” valuable “end of time” harvest – i.e. to Realize the best of Earth time.

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Burn the Tares – all unnecessary materialism and those attached to distracting irrelevancies – and manifest the prepared Marriage fusion with God (God’s great energies).

The whole of time and space combine. All dimensions connect with intelligence to interweave their prepared nutrients for the Marriage Feast Peak Enlightenment. God’s divine spectrum of light (intelligence) connects humans and core symbolic forms aligned in families of plants, animals and minerals through dream consciousness, afterlife reflections, cells, molecules, atoms and the peak fullness of Earth reality

[God’s Science Chapter 6 “The Creation of Spiritual Offspring” and page 36 outline eight primary dimensions of consciousness.] Enlightened-aware-combined Realizations share a transformed Earth, even as starlight and celestial sources unite time and space through connected light.

Earth is created to transform into Light – our Full Spectrum of “E” Energy – a major Relativity Ratio “Step” toward realizing fullness from God’s Divine Energy.

Sirius is a Yellow Sun and Carbon Star [Sirius B] pair. Earth will spiritually transform as Light, symbolically represented as a Carbon “Diamond” Earth.

Fuse steps of spiritual peak energies through conscious individuals and groups embodying Earth’s “enlightenment” energy. These realizations unfold condensed intensities of time and space where the fullness of God – Divine Energy – is One. Here, we essentially embody God’s creative inspiration as in the Beginning – infused with the most powerful, united, non-polar God Energy of Light.

Within these realizations, E=MC2 (Energy equals the Speed of Light squared) fills our local space (from inside our sun through our Solar System to our two closest Visible Light Stars – Cen A and Sirius). Permeated with Earth’s records of consciousness our space is one with “our” galactic centre. Multi-dimensional awareness fundamentally creates our experience of the Cosmos as in the beginning.

Creation is an endless process of consciousness; although multifaceted, inter-dimensional, experienced realizations occur step by step.

Relativity Ratios define Creationism. Realize space moves in great steps. [Visualize a ball and drawing a straight line on our cosmic sphere. The end is the beginning.] Start in the pulsating Neutron Star (defined as being void of plus and minus electrons and protons), “enlightening” God’s “Supernova Circle” of about a 6 light-year radius. [This is inferred from Milky Way Supernova Remnants – the most powerful recorded energies in our universe.] Our current Fallen-Expanded existence is our “Relative” uniform frame, having shifted 400,000 times from God’s “Supernova Circle.”

With Einstein’s Special Relativity, our current 10,000 years on Earth [our “light year”] compares to 10,000 years of unified Spirit-like Cores creating Earth and organizing our Cosmos in symbolic “days of creation.” [This explanation follows Prophetic inspiration in the Bible Genesis story. With General Relativity, time is actually “round” where the end is beginning.]

Realize the Light – your Spiritual Core within. Awaken the “Higher Self” with God’s Great Divine Energies.

The 10,000 year orbits -around the Sun again and again 10,000 times – is enough for Earth’s Global Enlightenment- for Earth’s Transformational Peak of Consciousness. Spiritual awareness judges, refines, and uplifts “E” Energies of Light in a symbolic “Millennium” perfection. This prophesied 1000 years Millennium intimately connects Enlightened Individuals realizing time and space as if within a core “Divine” Neutron Star. Again, the Straight Line from God from the Beginning proceeds through distinct Peak “Relativity Ratios” through our Enlightened “Light Year.” Clarified degrees of consciousness flow through all dimensions of creation.

Again, Earth’s 10,000 year “Light Year” prepares aware souls to actualize our representative, symbolic Carbon Star “Diamond Earth.” [Earth transforms, even transmutes into our prepared fullness of Light]. The most aware “Light” energies realize God’s power, even as originally created in the Beginning. Our symbolic “straight line” is God’s curvature of time and space that steps through peak energies of realized Enlightenment. The route of relative time begins from an ineffable all-powerful symbolic God [ E = Energy] back to God.

In simplified terms, the Universe is created in its re-creation – all within illuminated, enlightened lila [sanskrit ‘immanence of consciousness’]. Consider the development of science as meta-physics [i.e. symbolic spiritual energies]

We learn how to intimately connect with

  • God through the mystical Enlightened Consciousness in foundational core powers of World Religions
  • the meta of physics, in each of the atoms [extended through core energies in all minerals, food and bodies ] through the symbolic biochemistry [from cells to real molecular energy relationships in DNA, RNA -Amino Acid, Proteins – Vitamins, Enzymes – Carbohydrate Sugars – Lipids, Cholesterol – Bacteria and Virus] to material objects [like transistors, semiconductors, microwaves in communication, drugs, neurochemistry etc. ], through
  • biology and human reality including plant potencies and animal kingdoms to
  • our Celestial Map where we circulate consciousness in a Spectrum of Light and “Involve” all of existence.

[Note, realizations of light extend from the Photon Planck Constant of ten times the power of -34 times. This is 10 with 34 zeros]

Realizations extend from the foundational Photon, the Planck’s Length. Utilize Relativity Ratios to go from 1 Picometer [1 pm and the smallest hydrogen and Helium ion atoms] to 2.5million light-years and the Great Andromeda Galaxy M31 – all within the Human Body. This allows aware individuals to “Plug In” to the Peak “Steps” of Consciousness Light.

Our Full Spectrum of Light flows through “Relativity Ratios” of embodied Shared Enlightenment Realizations circulating light through all-powerful stars and star forms that transform the Body into Light – interconnecting all dimensions on Earth for the Transformation of our globe into Light.

The Spectrum of Light can represent Divine God Energies “Evolving” our Universe within the core of a Neutron Star. A Relativity Ratio relates 1 picometer [the smallest Hydrogen Ion H+ atom] to the radius of perfected “Diamond” Earth through to M31 Andromeda Galaxy, [the furthest we can see]. God conceives and organizes our physical reality within a Neutron Star.
The “Involution” of our space condenses our Local Group [from M31 Andromeda Galaxy] to the Space of a core Neutron Star. Note the “Evolution” and “Involution” ratios equal 10 to the power of 34 and relates to the energy of a Photon and the Planck Constant. [See above 2 images – 1.6 x 10^15 times 6.4 x 10^18].

Questioned Statements to Consider

What about Dark Matter? Is this an intellectual HOAX conjured to support a Big Bang Theory? If Astronomers believe the Universe is a mysterious and ‘unknown’ 95% Dark Matter and dark energy, how can we believe they can know what happens with the 5% of light? It is time to understand Einstein’s Relativity and do away with this darkness! We can let go of these theoretical scientists manipulating consciousness!

How does the “End” create the Beginning, even as the Beginning sets the stage for the End? The ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus described our “Great Year” of Earth time as recurrent. After embodying the clear intelligence of the human experience [each approximate 30 year generation representing a day of one year] Earth experiences its “Great Year,” and a new Earth begins. The Classical Maya believed time would begin again after 13 of their Long Count “Baktun” Rounds of Time [about 5125 years].

What of the “Ouroboros” Snake eating its tail that has long inspired alchemists, mystics and seekers of truth? Even the philosopher Nietzsche wrote of an “Eternal Recurrence.”

Compare energies [E] of awareness. Reflect upon the power of our great ineffable God [God’s Energy], gods, demigods, ancestor worship, powerful “Enlightened” humans, angels, demons, materialistic corrupted abusers, and unaware zombie-like people upon Earth. Learn about “Relativity Ratios” and see how Energy [E=MC squared] relates to our own awareness within the creation of Earth. Realize how we embody the power of Light in the mind and body to transform and Enlighten the Earth!

How do Constellations, Solar System Planets, Geomagnetic Reversals, and Fossil Records fit into the Creation?

Relativity allows time travel into the future. See how Einstein’s Relativity can validate authentic Prophetic Revelations!

Is there “Life after Death?” What does it mean to “Rise the Dead?” How, exactly, does our consciousness intimately connect potential Heavens to celestial stars and star forms?

For those who understand some physics, Scot Aaron’s “Relativity Creationism Cosmology” [Science with Spirituality] will show how the Planck Constant [energy of a photon 10^-34], Photoelectric Effect, and Quantum fit into creation. Also, learn how Black Holes contradict the foundation of Light Speed at 300,000 km /sec. [Note – Scot Aaron understands Black Holes can potentially exist, yet the astrophysical data contradicts any need for their existence.] Discover how the Bohr Copenhagen Interpretation in Quantum Mechanics explains the irrelevance of atoms smashers [atom splitters], filled with quark theories and statistical scientific manipulations with minor significance beyond the Planck Constant and energies for photons.

For the sake of truth and justice, allow the shared flow of Light to Enlighten Earth. Let go of theoretical deception posed as truth where theories [like the Big Bang, Darwin’s Evolution and aspects of Quantum Mechanics] are promoted by scientists and institutions today. Ask yourself if the preparation of Earth is ready for its giant step, our transmutation of evolution and consciousness.

Fuse Science and Spirituality for a true, real metaphysics! Immediately heighten consciousness for awakened individuals and global awareness.

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