Satin spar vs Selenite

Satin spar vs Selenite



When we talk about Satin spar vs Selenite, then Selenite is a widely used crystal that is not only readily available but also quite inexpensive in most cases. But were you aware that what is often referred to as selenite is most likely a crystal known as satin spar?

These two stunning crystals are perhaps the two crystals that are confused with one another the most in the whole realm of metaphysics. Selenite and Satin Spar are both forms of the same mineral, gypsum, but their crystal structures are distinct, hence they are referred to by various names. Gypsum may also be found in the form of magnificent tabular crystals, in addition to the form known as Desert Rose, which is a mixture of gypsum with tiny particles of sand.

Selenite is the more well-known of the two names, however crystals made of Selenite are far more uncommon than those made of Satin Spar. Large, translucent crystals of selenite commonly take the appearance of “plates” or “windows” due to their flat, plate-like shape. They have extremely thin sheets that may easily peel apart from one another. Selenite plates found in Utah are known across the world for their exceptional quality.

Satin Spar

Satin Spar
Satin Spar

Despite the fact that Satin Spar is the less well-known of the two names, it is the crystal that the vast majority of people have heard of, and what the majority of the internet world refers to as Selenite. In point of fact, because to the fact that the word Selenite is so well-known, many merchants continue to call their Satin Spar by the name of Selenite. This is because that is what their customers are expecting to see, which just adds to the confusion that already exists. Crystals made of Satin Spar are fibrous and white in colour.

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These crystals may be found in the form of raw rulers or wands, or they can be polished to create palmstones and spheres with a “cats eye” look. Because Satin Spar has fibre optic capabilities, light may be transmitted through the crystal in a certain direction. If you take a piece of Satin Spar and polish the ends of it until they are flat, then you will be able to see through the material.

Small polished parts are occasionally marketed as “TV Rock” to show off this fibre optic feature. However, there is also a mineral called Ulexite that is also known as TV Rock for the same reason. In this context, the term “TV Rock” refers to both of these minerals.

Satin spar vs Selenite properties

Selenite Properties

Crystallized gypsum takes the form of selenite, which is as transparent as glass and may take the shape of sheets.

Selenite's Properties
Selenite’s Properties

It has a sedative and soothing effect, and it instils a profound feeling of serenity and calmness. Because of the strength of its frequency, the crown, third eye, and soul star chakras are all opened, cleansed, and activated. Selenite brings the chakras and the aura into alignment and cleanses them as well. It is beneficial for doing any kind of spiritual practise.

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Selenite has the ability to raise one’s consciousness to higher dimensions, where they may meet their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. In addition to this, it makes receiving inner direction easier. The mineral not only increases mental activity and awareness but also stands for the most lucid and open mind that is humanly possible. It is a stone of tranquilly, illumination, and cleansing all at the same time.

If you aim a wand made of selenite towards your third eye, it will channel energy like a blast of wind into your forehead and up through your crown. Along the spine, it brings the chakras and vertebrae into a state of energy alignment. Selenite has a very powerful connection to the physical body, which enables it to maintain a busy lifestyle.

Additionally, it promotes personal development amid periods of stagnation. The stone helps to replenish the body’s natural nutrients and strengthens the bones, as well as assisting with fertility. In addition to being beneficial for the treatment of cancer, selenite eliminates stagnation in a particular region of the body.

In addition to this, it is useful for meditating, practising telepathy, enhancing mental activity, and gaining mental clarity before making challenging choices. It’s a stone that helps you become grounded. When used for massage, selenite is an effective instrument for removing obstructions from the energy field. It is also known as the fortunate stone, and possessing it is said to bring good fortune.

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Useful for incorporating into power networks either on its own or in conjunction with other stones. It has all of the beneficial attributes of quartz crystals, including the capacity to cure and the ability to protect. Selenite is a crystal that can charge other crystals but does not need its own charge. If it is not used often for the purpose of cleaning away energy, then it just has to be cleaned rarely.

Satin Spar Properties

Satin Spar's Properties
Satin Spar’s Properties

The fibres in satin spar have a smooth texture and a transparent appearance. It is carved into many different forms, including eggs and thick wands, among other things. It has the exact same physical and metaphysical characteristics as selenite.

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What then distinguishes them?

Selenite and Satin Spar are two different varieties of the mineral gypsum (along with Desert Rose and also Alabaster.) Although they have the same or a similar chemical formula of CaSO42H2O, selenite is nearly completely clear, whereas satin spar selenite is fibrous and milky in appearance. What is this, a sibling from another mother?! In most cases, the selenite that is sold on the market is satin spar selenite since true clear selenite is difficult to come by.

Satin spar selenite and selenite both have the same chemical and physical properties, while having somewhat distinct appearances. In spite of the fact that satin spar is often referred to as selenite, selenite is not the same thing.

Because of the way that satin spar forms, it is possible to carve it into a wide variety of shapes, including as spheres, towers, and hearts.

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