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Psychological Warfare: 4 Techniques to Survive the Thoughts’s Battleground

Each second and each minute of each day, you’re in a struggle.

This struggle will not be fought on the bodily battleground, however on the psychological battlefield of your individual thoughts.

As we speak, we’re going to be looking on the ins and outs of psychological warfare with others and most significantly — your self.

You’ll additionally be taught:

  • Some examples of psychological warfare
  • Among the methods and strategies your thoughts (and others) play on you
  • Learn how to win within the battleground of the thoughts

With that, let’s begin operations.

What’s psychological warfare?

what is mental warfare

The best battle of all is with your self—your weaknesses, your feelings, your lack of decision in seeing issues by means of to the top. You will need to declare unceasing struggle on your self. – Robert Greene, The 33 Methods of Warfare

Psychological warfare or psychological warfare is the usage of strategies and ways designed to affect the attitudes, feelings, and habits of a person or a bunch of individuals.

This has been used numerous occasions all through the ages by many armed forces however on this context, we’re discussing psychological warfare in on a regular basis life between people and inside a person themselves.

Why is that this vital to learn about?

In our twenty first century society, outward shows of aggression are discouraged whether or not by means of legal guidelines themselves (like assault and battery) or outright social ostracism.

If you recognize something about human beings, you notice that we’ve come from a really violent previous. In reality, we’re not too far eliminated the twentieth century, which was thought-about to be the bloodiest span of time in historical past.

Which means aggression and violence are very a lot in our DNA, very similar to the colour of our pores and skin or the hair on our head.

Since outward shows of aggression are discouraged, they discover different retailers of expression which might be extra delicate and covert (i.e. shadow work). In our fashionable world, these retailers of expression take the type of:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Fights with others on social media
  • Passive-aggressiveness generally

The primary two have the potential for nameless folks to harass others on-line, whereas the third one is an on a regular basis incidence in a number of environments.

Extra importantly, you need to cope with the one that wakes up with you and goes to mattress with you — your self.

These two fronts are the battleground of psychological and psychological warfare.

In case you don’t know this, in case you are unprepared for this, you’ll discover your self being smacked round like a piñata by others and by your self.

This implies you’ll be unable to develop, unable to develop groundedness, and most significantly — unable to dwell the life you need to dwell.

If that sounds horrible to you, you’ll need to learn on to learn the way others (and also you your self) fuck together with your head.

Frequent Methods of Psychological and Psychological Warfare

techniques of psychological warfare

There’s many items of “artillery” in psychological warfare. Right here’s just a few:

“Preventing the Final Warfare” (Ideas of the Previous)

The thoughts, when left alone, might are likely to get slowed down in ideas of the previous. That is referred to as “rumination”.

You begin to consider previous victories and previous failures, the way you royally fucked up…and so forth.and so forth.and so forth…blah.blah.bleh.

Whereas I undoubtedly encourage growing references for the long run, the issue comes is when the previous begins to paralyze future motion.

As an alternative of letting the previous inform them, some folks let it outline them. Robert Greene talks about this in 33 Methods of Warfare:

What most frequently weighs you down and brings you distress is the previous, within the type of pointless attachments, repetitions of drained formulation, and the reminiscence of outdated victories and defeats. You will need to consciously wage struggle in opposition to the previous and drive your self to react to the current second…Generally you should drive your self to strike out in new instructions, even when they contain danger…Wage guerilla struggle in your thoughts, permitting no static traces of protection.

If you wish to win on this battleground of the thoughts, you want to pay attention to the thoughts’s tendency for rumination.



The time period “gaslighting” has been round for some time but it surely’s beginning to decide up steam in mainstream tradition, partially as a result of it’s a well-recognized expertise shared by many.

Merely put: gaslighting is when somebody makes you query your individual actuality. In different phrases, a “psy op”. That is virtually THE definition of somebody fucking together with your head and it’s a passive-aggressive maneuver.

This could occur at work, this will occur at school, this will occur any time there’s two or extra folks in relationship to one another.

Doubly (or triply) so if the one doing the gaslighting is somebody ready of energy.

“I Know Somebody Who Did the Identical Factor and It Didn’t Go Properly For Them”

That is the “dream killer”. That is somebody near you (possibly an aunt or uncle, buddy, and even your individual mother and father) who simply decides to shit in your dream and say they knew somebody who did one thing comparable and it didn’t end up effectively for them.

That is most of the time a sort of unconscious projection of “I can’t do it, so let me communicate for this particular person and inform them they will’t do it both”.

In case you consider this nonsense, additionally, you will end up pondering the identical factor about your self. And by the point you recognize it, you’ll suppose that that thought got here from you, all since you didn’t handle your thoughts.

Learn how to Wage Psychological Warfare and Survive within the Battleground of the Thoughts

how to fight mental warfare

Successful on this battleground of the thoughts will not be simple. If it was, we’d have a unique world with much more constructive folks.

Regardless, right here’s just a few methods to return out on high:

1. Pre-Commit

Your thoughts will attempt to discuss you out of doing a numerous variety of good issues for your self. For this reason you will need to commit when motivation is waning or fully absent.

That is the essence of self-discipline.

Software: Select one factor you’ll do it doesn’t matter what. It is likely to be going to the health club, it is likely to be studying for a sure period of time each day. No matter it’s, decide that one factor and persist with it. Make it a non-negotiable.

2. Reinforce Your Inside Citadel

In his e-book MeditationsStoic thinker Marcus Aurelius refers back to the thoughts as a “citadel”. Pierre Hadot concurs with Aurelius along with his personal e-book: The Inside Citadel.

You’ll be able to select to strengthen this citadel and make it resistant in opposition to outdoors assault…or you may select to let the invaders run rampant and destroy the inside. Too many individuals are doing the latter.

Ask your self: “What am I letting into my thoughts to affect me?”

Software: Take note of your psychological food plan. Guarantee that you’re taking in constructive data every day.

3. Use Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is the act of influencing the unconscious thoughts by means of repetitive phrases or sayings. This may be completed through affirmations written or spoken aloud.

That is the way you turn into “self-persuaded” and block out the noise that may affect your thoughts.

Software: To discover ways to use this highly effective approach, try Learn how to Use Autosuggestion Successfully, The Definitive Information.

4. Change Your Self-Picture

Earlier than you make any resolution, you seek the advice of your self-image, AKA your “interior mirror”.

Sadly, for lots of us, we have been programmed with a subpar self-image. Due to this fact, if you wish to really remodel your self and turn into a resilient particular person, you want to develop a brand new self picture.

Software: To discover ways to develop a greater self picture, try Psycho-Cybernetics: Learn how to Use and Apply for Large Success.

Conclusion + Wrapping Up

The way in which you employ your thoughts is all the things. It’s going to decide your course and ends in life. And due to the character of the world, you’re continuously preventing a psychological struggle with others and with ourselves.

If you wish to win the psychological struggle, you should arm your self with the precise instruments and ways. This implies utilizing pre-commitments, reinforcing your interior citadel, utilizing autosuggestion appropriately, and even altering your self picture.

Combining all of these collectively will guarantee you’ve gotten the most effective probability at surviving within the battleground of the thoughts.

What are your experiences with psychological and psychological warfare? What ways do you employ to maintain your self within the combat? Pontificate within the feedback.

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