Top Five Oracle Decks

The Five Most Popular Oracle Decks

Since the nineteen nineties, there has been a massive increase in the publication of oracle decks. It shouldn’t be too difficult to track them down on the internet, but you can also find them in traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores, even those that don’t specialise in selling New Age goods, such as TJ Maxx, Goal, Ross, and Barnes and Noble. Finding them on the internet shouldn’t be too difficult.

A standard deck of 78 playing cards, divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, makes up a Tarot deck. Oracle deck may refer to any deck of divination playing cards, regardless of the number of cards in the deck (it might be less or more). In this article, we will take a look at the top five oracle decks that are currently on the market.


Because of Amazon, we are able to determine which card decks are the most popular purchases in a variety of categories, beginning with the category: Books, but also include Tarot (in which oracle playing cards are included), Astrology, Occultism, Paganism, Witchcraft/Faith/Spirituality, and so on.

Moonology (2018)

Top Five Oracle Decks - 1

When this article was published, this deck held the #992 spot in the Books category, the #4 spot in the Astrology category, and the #6 spot in the Tarot category. This deck was introduced by Hay House in 2018, and it is now available for purchase in the vast majority of retail stores and on the internet. The photography is breathtaking, and the writing is of the highest calibre. Owning and making use of this deck is a wise decision, regardless of whether you intend to read the cards simply for yourself or also for other people.

As seen from the other side of the field:

The influence of the Moon’s strength may be felt profoundly in many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Utilize these exquisitely designed oracle playing cards to tap into Her ancient wisdom for the sake of healing, guiding, and protecting yourself, and to learn how to operate with Her magical power throughout each lunation.

The accompanying booklet provides information on how to interpret the playing cards and how to use them to create, plan, and forecast aspects of your life. If you’re ever in a situation when you have to make a significant decision, all you have to do is choose a card and let the Moon be your guide.

Seasons of the Witch (2021)

Top Five Oracle Decks - 2

There are three of such cards now available: Beltane (2019), Samhain (2020), and Christmas (2021). (2022). The Christmas deck is a very recent addition, having just been introduced in 2021; yet, it is now rated first in the categories of Occultism and Paganism. It’s now ranked #8 in Witchcraft/Faith/Spirituality and #2,207 in Books, which is really excellent for a book that’s been published for less than a year. This deck was created by Juliet Diaz and Lorraine Anderson, and it has stunning artwork. It would be a wonderful addition to your collection, especially if you have a strong sense of connection to earth energies and Pagan beliefs.

As seen from the other side of the field:

Because the wheel of the year revolves, Christmas serves as a reminder to us of warmth, happiness, and the importance of pausing to be thankful for all that we have right now. The usual, severe winters remind us of our intrinsic ability to weather storms and find assistance and luxury with family members. For hundreds of years, traditional healers have celebrated the curative power of the Yuletide festival.

You will find 44 therapeutic messages to connect you with the divine understanding of the year’s darkest nightfall and the celebrations associated with the winter holidays inside Seasons of the Witch: Christmas Oracle. These messages will help you prepare for the holiday season. This oracle will lead you to a state of profound introspection and tranquillity, and it will also give you hope that happier days are ahead.

Starseed Oracle (2020)

Top Five Oracle Decks - 3

This fantastic oracle deck consists of 53 cards and was designed by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel. It was published in 2020 by Hay House and was designed by both of these women. This deck is placed third in the Fortune Telling category, ninth in the Tarot category, and 1,514th in the Books category. It is possible, according to the strategy for this deck, that you are a Starseed soul who is temporarily residing on Earth in order to complete a very specific mission. These playing cards will assist you in determining whether or not you are one of these spirits and will keep you focused on your objective. Even if you have a soul of a different sort, which is something that is very possible, you should still find the messages in these playing cards to be of great assistance.

As seen from the other side of the field:

Have you ever experienced a longing for housing without ever fully understanding what that phrase meant? You have the potential to be a Starseed Soul if this is the case. This activating oracle will give assistance to unlock the gifts that your soul has to offer, help you reconnect with your cosmic roots, and remind you of who you really are.

African Goddess Rising Oracle (2021)

Top Five Oracle Decks - 4

Another fairly recent addition that has received a high number of positive reviews and is worthy of being proudly owned and studied from. This deck was designed by Abiola Abrams and published by Hay House, which is widely recognised as the industry leader in oracle deck publishing. The deck has a total of 44 cards. It now holds the number one spot in New Age Goddesses (Books), the number eight spot in Tarot, and the 1,442nd spot in Books overall.

The following is an explanation of the pattern on one of the numerous playing cards, Mami Wata:

“I’ve got the guts to be weak,” proclaims the Goddess of Nakedness, Diaspora, and the Water Gazing Ritual that takes place inside the Hidden Lake.

Mami Wata’s Message: Maakye! Who could it possibly be? My lady! What a wonderful day it is to be who you are without apology. Your reflection is the only thing the water consumes. The water can only perceive your genuine appearance. Cover no additional. Be bare. Raw on an emotional level. (249)

Angels and Ancestors (2018)

Top Five Oracle Decks - 5

This deck, which was first shown to the public in 2018 by Hay Home and was designed by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses, combines ancestral wisdom with angelic guidance. Spiritual explorers now have access to an additional insightful set of playing cards in the form of this 55-card deck. This deck, which holds positions of #3 in Angels & Spirit guides (Books), #17 in Tarot, and #2,990 in Books respectively, completes the grouping of the top 5 oracle decks in the appropriate manner.

As seen from the other side of the field:

There are a great number of guides all around us who want to impart their wisdom in order to facilitate our own healing and transformation. Angels and ancestors are both included in this group.

Angels and Ancestors bridges the gap between this world and the next using photos from Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal, and earth-based spiritualities. This is accomplished through crossing the cultural barrier that exists between all of the globe’s many spiritual traditions. It is a very powerful programme that is designed to assist you in gaining access to the answers that are already there inside you by using the heavenly and ancient wisdom that has been passed down from your ancestors and angels.

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