The Truth is the Power of God is in you!

The Truth is the Power of God is in you!

If one can say “I am God” spiritually, something that connects all of us into one consciousness, then this can provide a positive outlook in regard to having the power to create a life worth living.

So here’s where the following question comes to the fore: What is “Truth”? In my mind, “Truth” and “God” are synonymous with one another, and as such cannot be separated when mentioned in the same sentence. So, therefore, “I am Truth”, this omnipotent thing that rules our lives behind a veil of vagueness very much like “God”.

The next obvious question that has to be then asked is, does “Truth” or “God” exist? I do not know. Although, if I did think they existed how would I recognise both “Truth” and “God” without ever encountering them before. Which is why I feel “Truth” is relative, something which cannot be contained and does not stagnate – it is forever moving.

Now, how can all what I have said beforehand relate to my life? Well, if you can look at it simply and not like the many thinkers who philosophised, debated and argued (something which Man has been doing for over 2000 years without finding any decent answers to help us) about what “Truth” or “God” is, you may be able to find a practical and logical use for the so called big questions in life.

There have been times in my life where I had no direction, and kept trying to find answers to all the questions on “Truth” or “God”, which have only served to debilitate my progress on something that we as human beings may never be able to answer. I also suffered frustration and despair whenever I observed the world’s problems with its materialism, greed, injustice and endless wars.

It took me a good few years to realise that there was no point in carrying the world’s problems on my shoulders and trying to find a solution to the apparent flaws of human nature. Anyway, I had problems and pressures of my own that needed to be dealt with, so I started concentrating on myself from then on. The first steps towards facing life’s problems with equanimity are:

  • To take every day as and when it comes instead of looking too far into the future. It’s far easier dealing with life on a daily basis rather than projecting future anxieties to the present, which cannot be dealt with in reality because they don’t actually exist
  • Not to attempt to solve any major issues I might have impulsively, which can make the problem worse
  • Try to keep the emotions in check and use the voice of reason. So before deciding what to do I will take the time to think about the situation or even share it with somebody who may offer good advice.
  • Not to complicate my life with things I have no effect on, but to live simply (intelligently) and to maintain a clear perspective in my life
  • To be content with what I presently have in my life and not to strive for anything that is not a necessity

This regime has helped me immensely and I have continued to learn and to deal with anything that may arise inwardly and outwardly. The goal for me is not to be rich or famous but to attain total peace of mind, something that is absolutely priceless in regard to wanting a good quality of life.

Each and every day is a challenge but most of all the biggest challenge in your life will always be you. This should give you a reason for trying to find any semblance of truth within yourselves. Yes, books and talks from so called gurus, philosophers and psychologist may claim they can help you in your life, but there comes a time when you must put down the book and find out how to live for yourself.

However, I’m not going stand here and contradict the purpose of this blog by saying that you cannot learn anything from somebody else – of course you can. But I do continue to stress that whatever life changing advice you wish to take from another source (including this site) to guide your life with, please use it only as a pointer for you to find your own independent truths. Just to remind you, that the point of this particular site is for you to learn to think for yourself (something we are not encouraged to do throughout our educational life) and not to be a slave to somebody else’s thoughts.

So you are God because:

  • You do not need to depend on another for happiness and to find your true purpose in life
  • You have the power to pursue right ‘actions’ and for you to avoid any false ones
  • You should have no fear of living itself and from anything outside of your godly kingdom (mind and spirit)
  • You have the power to take the necessary steps to improve yourself mentally, spiritually and physically
  • You have the power to liberate yourselves from all man-made superficialities and conditioning which can only restrict your personal growth and development
  • You have the power to overcome any adversity whilst facing it with equanimity
  • You have the power to create and produce something worthwhile that can go on to benefit others

So don’t waste your life and time wondering about the objective questions of life, something that may never be answered in your lifetime. It’s now time to instigate “Action” and be more practical towards the purpose you have set for yourself.

All you need do is to realise your godly powers which will hopefully bring you ever more closely towards the mysterious thing called “Truth”.

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