How to Have Fun This Summer While Maintaining a Balance of Playfulness and Intention

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The fact that daylight lasts far into the evening throughout the summer is one of the defining characteristics of that season. After the summer solstice, the days will gradually start to become shorter, which might serve as a good reminder to us that life is always changing despite the passage of time. In spite of the fact that we often associate summer time with having longer days, the start of summer time really signifies the beginning of the gradual transition into the darker months.

We are better equipped to make the most of the summertime while it still exists if we are able to enjoy ourselves despite the longer days. Creating new memories outside, making the most of the more daylight hours even while you’re inside, and getting a head start on achieving long-term goals are some of the ways this may be accomplished.

What To Do With All This Time?

The sun sets later at this time of year, children are out of school, and some people feel the pressure of absorbing the sun since this season is transitory in certain parts of the globe, thus this might give the impression that the days are longer than they really are.

Because it can actually seem like there’s additional time in a day, now is the perfect time to consider creative ways to have enjoyment exterior and develop memories that will last for a very long time (and can hold you cool to stability Pitta power).

It could be entertaining for you to think of your own ideas that are suitable for the area you live and the things you like to do most in life. The following are some possibilities that might serve as samples to get your own creative juices flowing:

  • Spend some time outside, either by yourself or with other people, just watching nature, listening for the sounds of animals, and taking note of the fresh growth of flora and flowers. Both the mind and the body will feel refreshed after experiencing the quiet and the statement.
  • Experiment with various ways to keep cool so you can spend more time outside. Spend some time appreciating the inhalations and exhalations of the fresh air by going on a leisurely walk or trek in a forested area that provides some shade. If you go hiking with other people, you should experience what it’s like to connect with them while you’re in the great outdoors together.
  • Try up a fresh new tradition throughout the summertime that you’ll be able to continue doing each and every time for the rest of your life to make happy memories. You may go on a picnic in a specific location, plant some vegetables, or experiment with a new cuisine that takes use of the season’s freshest fruits and vegetables.

Whether or not you do it by yourself, with members of the family, or with friends, planning unique rituals and activities that are most suited to this time of year provides you with one thing to look forward to in addition to wonderful reminiscences to maintain you going during the darker months.

Indoors in Summer season

During the warmer months, much of one’s time is spent inside. On a warm day in the summer, there is no need to make yourself feel guilty or ashamed for choosing to remain indoors. In point of fact, it is helpful to engage in certain activities that are cooling and grounding in order to bring balance to the Pitta dosha. On the busiest days, staying inside where it’s warm and comfortable is probably going to be the best thing you can do to pass the time.

Because the sun will be shining inside for more hours at this time of the year, it may be a good time to tackle a significant home improvement project or finish something personal that you haven’t been able to do during other times of the year because you didn’t have the energy.

You might take your time going room by room, determining what to sell or give; you could slow down the pace of life by reading, meditating, and doing some light yoga; and you could clean out the storage area, a yard shed, or your home office. Cleaning out the clutter in your life will bring a sense of ease and joy into your daily routine.

You will be able to spend additional time observing how the shadows move across the ground, how it feels to eat by natural light while you are having dinner, and which plants in the window are at their happiest during this time of year because light will continue to pour into the house later into the night.

Harnessing the Hearth of Pitta

It is essential to bring Pitta into balance with activities that have a cooling effect so that you may ride the wave of Pitta power that is characteristic of this season without spending the majority of your time feeling out of balance. The beneficial aspects of Pitta may help strengthen your willpower, attention, and keen thinking, which are all beneficial in terms of desiring your future, taking action, and moving toward what you want.

Put this time period of one year to good use by developing action plans and beginning to implement those strategies in order to achieve your goals. Your drive and momentum will be bolstered with the assistance of Pitta season, and taking action now will provide further guidance for you later in the year when the seasons will push us to be more introspective. Taking action now will provide additional steering for you.

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An activity that is great for this time of the year is to develop a list of some measures you will do to move further along towards a goal and keep yourself responsible for taking those steps. You need to sit down and jot down a few things you can accomplish within the next month that will really move the needle for you, and then you need to keep moving forward step by step while keeping your goals in mind.

Be sure to do it in a manner that is both pleasurable and playful while you are working to create the life you want for yourself. Bringing a sense of fun to the situation can help you remember why you’re engaging in this endeavour in spite of the fact that there will undoubtedly be challenging stages and difficulties along the route.

By bringing the Pitta season’s fire into equilibrium, you may reap the great benefits of Pitta in equilibrium, which can assist you in advancing in life in methods that actually feel gratifying and enjoyable all year long. This can be accomplished by balancing the Pitta season’s fire.

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