Space & Time

As part of its relativity theory, the renowned physicist Albert Einstein helped to establish the concept of space-time. Before his pioneering work, scientists had two different theories to explain physical phenomena: The physics laws of Isaac Newton described the motion of large objects, while the electromagnetic models of James Clerk Maxwell explained the properties of light, according to NASA.

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Reality and imagination quote

It is difficult to say what is real and what is imaginary, what is a new discovery vs vivid illusion. Ideas, concepts, inventions, predictions, foretelling of the future, extrasensory perceptions, parapsychology and such things, all involve vivid imaginative or a mindset free to roam and accept what things arrive within it, rather than putting them …

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galaxy stars and constellations study with facts

Galaxies, Stars & Constellations brief Study with Facts

A brief study of Galaxy, Stars and Constellations What is a galaxy? A galaxy is a massive space that contains hundreds of billions of stars, planets, glowing nebulae, gas, dust, and space. They take many forms, the three most common being spiral, elliptical, and Seyfert. Andromeda and Milky Way are the two galaxies that even …

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cyclic universe big bang theory wrong

Cyclic Model of Universe – Why Big Bang theory is Wrong

Reasons why Big Bang theory is wrong Cyclic Model of Universe proves Big bang theory wrong. Let’s take a theoretical block of the Cosmos that contains 100 billion light-years of space. In the middle of that giant block of the cosmos, we will put Edwin Hubble and his telescope. When Hubble looks in both directions …

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Universe Cycle

Facts of Universe Cycle/Oscillating Model

Cyclic Universe Theory The Universe functions as a cycle. We can first look at how physics equations actually operate to better understand the Universe Cycle. The three factors that go into the equation are there. Balance- There needs to be balance. Equation should have a balance or equality on both sides. The difference- There must be opposites between the two sides of the equation. That …

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