All About Assumptions: The Enormity of their Influence

All About Assumptions: The Enormity of their Influence

Miguel Ruiz, Toltec shaman and creator of “The 4 Agreements” consists of “by no means making assumptions” as one of many 4 agreements to make with oneself for better mastery in life. Sadly, most individuals don’t know what he’s speaking about. They suppose that maybe they need to not assume that every thing will go simply and higher have a plan B or that they need to not assume that their job will at all times be predictable as a result of at some point there could also be a brand new CEO or supervisor who will out of the blue change their obligations.

Whereas these items are fairly true and it’s best to by no means assume that every thing will stay unchanged, this isn’t precisely what he was getting at. The actual fact is that our deepest assumptions about actuality itself require examination as a result of these are the assumptions that hold us utterly trapped in self-deception about who we basically are and what’s truly potential.

We glance round us and assume that we’re seeing the proper and viable view of actuality and that our model of it’s after all the one proper one. By no means thoughts {that a} spider with its many eyes sees a very completely different model of our world that offers them a leg up for his or her specific type of survival abilities. Cats and canine and plenty of different animals don’t see the world precisely as people do however that does that imply that their model is restricted or not proper in comparison with ours. The reality is that there are lots of, some ways of seeing and experiencing what we name our actuality which are equally legitimate. These some ways of decoding the world are all based mostly on info that comes within the type of gentle and sound. It might be truthful to say that we stay in a world of sunshine and sound that carries info to our specific type of mind that interprets it for our functions. Even folks of various cultures don’t expertise our world the identical method. Many indigenous cultures expertise a world of fixed motion as a result of their languages are verb based mostly slightly that noun based mostly as is English. In English we are saying “The sky is above us.” Within the Tewa language ‘sky is a verb so the sentence could be “The skying is going on above us.” This slight however large distinction adjustments totally the best way we would see and expertise the sky. That is solely one of many ways in which language can affect how we see our world.

Our philosophies have an infinite affect on how we see and expertise actuality. For instance, Descartes is legendary for his formulation of the phrase, “I believe, due to this fact I’m.” There are lots of assumptions on this phrase. It assumes that as a result of I can suppose, I’m right here. If I couldn’t suppose I wouldn’t be right here. Nevertheless, the Tibetan Buddhists say that considering is usually a distraction. That one can pay attention to themselves with out thought and that this fashion of being on the planet is extremely superior as a result of it’s unfettered or not restricted by the considering course of. They are saying that it’s potential to be completely purposeful on the planet with out the fixed condensation of consciousness into thought, that realizing is feasible with out counting on thought. This they name ‘rigpa’ or ‘enlightenment’. Thus, their phrase could be, “I’m, due to this fact I do know.” Nevertheless, their model of “I” just isn’t private however infinite.

Let’s take a look at this enterprise of creating assumptions in different attention-grabbing methods. Most individuals consider that the bodily physique is liable for their consciousness. Once you ask somebody, “How have you learnt you might be alive?”, nearly everybody responds with, Properly I can really feel my physique, I’ve an itch, I’ve to pee, I’m hungry, I’m respiration, I can really feel my coronary heart respiration. That is utterly comprehensible however it assumes an excellent deal that’s truly fairly false. This isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s simply the best way we now have been taught for hundreds of years and it looks like essentially the most pure factor on the planet to attach consciousness with physicality. The belief right here is that I’m alive or conscious due to my physique, but we all know that there are literally thousands of experiences that individuals expertise consciousness when they’re having an out of physique expertise, when their our bodies present no mind exercise, for instance after a horrible accident, a close to drowning, an emergency surgical procedure and so forth. We name these experiences an anomaly or an exception to the rule however it’s these very exceptions that recommend we might have it mistaken, a physique just isn’t wanted for consciousness, aliveness, consciousness. In any case a physique is a piece of meat and the way can that be liable for one thing as profound as aliveness. One minute a physique could be completely alive after which the subsequent second it may be deader than a doornail. Completely good eyes don’t see anymore, an ideal coronary heart now not beats, a superbly good mind stops. Does meat, one thing which will or is probably not animated, carry the accountability of consciousness? Does consciousness simply click on on and off on the behest of a piece of meat? Consciousness is in every thing in actuality always in line with shamanic understanding. It doesn’t rely upon this or that hunk of meat being animate or inanimate completely or for temporary time period.  Or is that mistaken? Is it extra true to say that nothing is acutely aware however our personal private slab of meat and when that goes every thing goes? The Tibetans and Miguel Ruiz would say that it’s the different method round. With out the consciousness inside every thing there isn’t any private ‘me. Truly, there isn’t any private me even with consciousness embedded in every thing.

Teachers say that shamanism and mysticism are two completely various things. That will or is probably not true however I as soon as heard a really well-known Toltec shaman named Miguel Ruiz say, “There isn’t any such individual as Miguel Ruiz. He’s only a narrative. A comfort. There may be solely common love.” Shaman, mystic, holy man? Who the hell cares what you name it. He was talking the reality.

Consciousness, one thing that science doesn’t even acknowledge exists, predates our bodies. Due to this fact, you can’t account for being alive by the truth that you need to pee or have an itch, it’s deeper, a lot deeper than that. You’re conscious since you are conscious that you’re conscious. There was by no means a time you weren’t conscious. By no means a time earlier than you had been conscious. How can we are saying this? For the easy cause that there isn’t any time. The second of now’s the one factor that’s verifiable. The previous is simply conjecture or at finest we may name it a reminiscence. Extra precisely it’s simply what we make up in order that we are able to have a story. The identical is true for the long run. All time is now and in case you are acutely aware proper now then there isn’t any time during which you weren’t conscious. We’re all conscious eternally on this unimaginable second of everlasting now. Our bodies are within the fiction of time. Fictional our bodies don’t create what’s everlasting.

Due to this fact, we people are in an outstanding state of self-deception during which our actuality is backward and the wrong way up. All our assumptions are defective and have been all through historical past (I’m referring again to the fiction of time for comfort).  As a instructor of mine use to say amiably, “All of us have our heads up our butts.” That’s sobering however I’ve to confess, I’ve come to understand his knowledge over time after I first thought he was loopy. The human race has been hooked on considering that aliveness will depend on being bodily, that it’s separated into tiny distinctive fragments referred to as you and me, and that it’s all confined to time. This habit has come at horrible price. It’s liable for all warfare, violence, battle, envy, jealousy, and struggling.

Realizing that consciousness doesn’t rely upon physicality, that point is an artifact of the bodily airplane and isn’t salient or vital, that we’re everlasting and that there isn’t any individuality or uniqueness to being conscious, adjustments every thing. Realizing that consciousness is the one actuality is the start of fact. That consciousness is shared consciousness, that actuality just isn’t actually a bunch of separate issues and our bodies, most of which we decide and finally reject anyway, is finally releasing. Realizing that the world we expect we’re seeing and experiencing is only a bunch of concepts making a fictional universe for our 1. Leisure 2. Setting for studying and realizing 3. Exploration within the identify of Spirit, is a superb reduction. The one actual problem is remembering that that is true on a minute-by-minute foundation (only a colourful phrase). The hypnosis is so robust due to the settlement to amnesia and to mass hallucination that we have to pinch ourselves commonly to get up. That is finest carried out slowly and intentionally in a method that doesn’t alert the ego or false persona which can make it go into all out resistance out of terror. We have now to tiptoe by it in order to make good and make it appear to be we’re solely altering the window dressing once we are literally deconstructing the fact the false persona lives inside with out it’s noticing.  Why do that? Properly, would you slightly keep in a world of continuous nervousness and wrestle or stay in a world the place you realize every thing is simply fantastic the best way it truly is, not what it’s hallucinated to be, a world of separation and concern.

Regardless that there have at all times been sensible men and women who’ve pointed to the reality, most people have intentionally ignored their hints and clues to the precise nature of actuality. In reality, they typically made some extent of eliminating them. After which twisting their phrases to strengthen what is fake. Nevertheless, proper now’s a sport altering breakthrough alternative. Some folks name it the second coming however this isn’t totally correct as the primary coming simply set the wheels in movement, a preview of coming sights. Now could be the principle occasion and sure it comes with rising pains not in contrast to the pins and needles of a leg or arm waking up after it has had the circulation lower off for some time. We would like it and wish it to get circulation again however we resist it and dread it too as a result of it’s rattling uncomfortable. That’s what we’re going by as a world however it has already been determined that now’s the time and that is the place for this mammoth waking up. In reality, it could be truthful to say that this waking up has already occurred as a result of there isn’t any actual time. We’re already awake. We simply have to note it and keep in mind that we’re. Though some will cling to sleep and really reluctantly get up identical to some late sleepers we would know, finally all will be part of no matter soul age which is simply one other comfort and hallucination of our experiment in consciousness. People who need to return to dictatorship, warfare, repression, and slavery characterize these components of ourselves that need to return to sleep. It at all times was and nonetheless is our projections as a result of there may be actually solely one among us. Our many separate selves are a part of the hallucination, typically great and typically horrible facets relying on how we select to play it.

Shakespeare ‘s character Macbeth had it proper when he stated life was an enormous ardour play of sound and fury signifying nothing. It doesn’t imply a rattling factor however it certain has been a wild experience, don’t you suppose? Does this imply that the top of the world is coming and the sport will finish now? No, it doesn’t. There are many issues to do and experiences available, greater than ever as we come to our senses. Possibly it’s all solely simply starting and what enjoyable!

**By Jose Stevens


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