15 Ways To Make Your Subliminals Work Faster (2022) | Insight analysis

15 Ways To Make Your Subliminals Work Faster (2022) | Insight analysis

Subliminal messages are a unique approach to reprogramming your subconscious mind and eliminating unproductive limiting habits. Listening to subliminal messages daily repairs the mind, and success habits and ideas appear. It’s been scientifically demonstrated that subliminals transform your thinking and mental attitude. Therefore, if you desire change, then subliminal messages are an exceptional tool to apply.

The problem is, why do we have to wait so long for our subliminal messaging to start working? The reason, our subconscious minds doesn’t shift quickly, and it takes time to reprogram. However, I have 9 best ways that can double or triple the speed of your subliminal messages working, and you can reprogram your subconscious mind faster and easier with subliminals. 

1. Listen To Subliminal Messages Before And Throughout Sleep


The best way, most reliable and straightforward period to reprogram your subconscious mind with subliminal messages is before and during sleep. As you drift off to sleep, your conscious mind or awareness switches off. Your subconscious mind opens up and takes over your mind and body like a computer system. Because your conscious mind is turned off, it can’t build obstacles or blockages to the subliminals playing.

Indicating that your subconscious mind is present and listening to each message being suggested. The longer you can play your subliminal tracks, the deeper it imprinted into your subconscious mind. The subconscious begins to modify your thinking and believes that the messages playing are your reality.

Therefore, if you desire to drop weight and you listened to weight loss subliminal messaging all night, your subconscious will impress that new information deep into your mind.

Once the new pieces of information are imprinted into your subconscious mind, it’s far simpler to make those changes a certainty. It’s similar to a train propelling you towards the success and transformation you desire, but it’s accelerated. Your subconscious mind believes and accepts the changes, and your subliminal messages have performed a difficult task whilst you were sleeping.

Activate The Law of Attraction

The best thing about listening to subliminal messaging is the power it has to activate the law of attraction. When you have a desire you want to manifest, subliminals focus your subconscious mind on attracting it. The theory behind the law of attraction is what your mind is concentrated on most of the time will manifest in your life. 

Therefore, listening to hours of positive affirmations about your desire can put you in a prime position to manifest it. Your subliminal affirmations must be detailed and accurate for what you want to manifest. The more you listen, the better and faster the results will be and the closer you will be to receiving your desire through the law of attraction

Do you want to know if your subliminal results will be permanent, including height, eye colour, nose size, weight loss, and more? Read this article.


2. Apply Binaural Beats In A Theta Brainwave

The point in which your conscious mind shifts and your subconscious mind opens occurs when your brain activity is in a theta brainwave.

When your brain reaches this frequency state, your subconscious mind is activated and can be stimulated with your chosen subliminal messaging This transition occurs naturally before we go to sleep at night. Nevertheless, you can speed the process by listening to binaural beats in a theta setting. It supports the natural processes in your brain, causing it to happen faster.

While your mind reaches the theta, your subliminal messages are directly imprinted on your subconscious mind. If you wait for this to occur naturally, you could be losing 15 to 30 minutes of your potential subliminal time waiting for the transition period.


For your subliminal messages to work fast, select tracks and playlist that have binaural beats playing alongside your subliminal messages.

This bypasses the brain’s natural sleep chemicals and enters the subconscious mind more quickly. You can also boost your likelihood of success by listening to subliminal messaging with binaural beats for 45 minutes during the day. The mind isn’t required to sleep, but the subconscious mind is activated and hearing those words.  

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3. Listen To Subliminal Messaging With Headphones

To really benefit from your subliminal message and binaural beats, the best way is to use headphones or earphones. Binerula beats only work when you use headphones because there is a different frequency in each ear, which reduces your brain activity into the theta.

Furthermore, if you have a partner, they might not want to listen to your subliminals playing when they are sleeping at night. I like to use this sleep headband (Amazon Link) which is ideal for sleeping because they are comfortable and they work via Bluetooth so no need for wires.


If you don’t want to listen to your subliminal messages for the duration of sleep, set a timer on your phone to close after the first sleep cycle.

If you’re new to subliminal messages, then the first couple of nights might take you longer to drift off to sleep because it’s distracting. However, after the initial adjustment to your sleeping routine, you won’t notice the messages playing. The purpose of the subliminal messaging is to imprint your desires and goals onto your subconscious mind

Play at Low Volume

Many people leave their subliminal messages at a high volume, which can disturb sleep. You want your subliminal messages to be playing at a low volume, allowing you to hear the background music or sound. I use the lowest setting on my headphones because the volume isn’t important when it comes to subliminal messages its the frequency.

The best way for your subconscious mind to hear your subliminal affirmations are at the lowest volume, so don’t disturb your sleep with loud music or sounds. If you live in a noisy area, you might want to increase the volume slightly so you can remove the background street noise, which can help improve sleep quality. Either way, a low volume setting is all you need to benefit from your subliminals.

Here everything you need to know about wearing headphones to listen to Subliminal messages and what type I would use.

How Many Subliminals Can I Listen To At Once

4. Avoid Using Multiple Subliminal Messages At The Same Time

To experience maximum benefits from your subliminal messaging, avoid listening to multiple subliminal playlists at the same time. If you select subliminal messages that cover multiple subjects, it will lead to confusion, and your subconscious mind won’t make the shift you desire.

The best way is a single topic related to your primary goal is the fastest way to witness subliminal success. For the best outcome, pick one type of subliminal message for the entire session. Only change the category of subliminal messages when a new listening period starts or weekly.

For example, if you desire to attract more money into your life, exclusively select subliminals linked to money, wealth and abundance. Listen to that, and only that, for the whole week. If your subliminal playlist covers money, weight loss, relationships and career, it will distract the subconscious mind.

To discover exactly how many subliminal to use and creating the ultimate playlist I recommend this article that explains all.

5. Create An Evening Routine 60 Minutes Before Bed

The purpose of your subliminal messages is to impact and transform your subconscious mind so it delivers the changes you crave. The mind must be in the appropriate mood, frequency and condition to accept change quickly.

Therefore, creating and practising an evening routine one hour before bed will dramatically increase the likelihood of your subliminal messages working. Break your evening routine into sections, and make sure you perform the routine that suits your requirements.


For example, here are my final 60 minutes;

Tip One: I reduce screen time and remove all electronic devices because studies reveal that the blue light can reduce the sleep chemicals essential for sleep and rejuvenation.

Tip Two: Switch off household lights and wear blue light blocking glasses. Replace the lightbulbs in your bedroom with red light that emit low wattage. This emulates a low lite fire, something our ancestors used.

Tip Three: Avoid watching TV, especially something that gets the mind overthinking and activated. The process of slowing the mind is vital, and TV increases awareness and analysis of your conscious mind.

Tip Four: Read a book that doesn’t get your mind thinking, for example, a non-fiction story or an autobiography, is my preferred option. 

Tip Five: Listening to relaxing music when reading further enhances those chemical releases and drops the brain into theta quicker. 


6. Select Sublimnals That Are In Harmony With Your Goals

The best way to see progress with your subliminal messaging is to select a playlist in harmony with your primary goal. If you desire to attract more money, then only listen to subliminal messages in agreement with your purpose.

Furthermore, if you live in the USA, make sure your subliminal message talks about money in dollars. Your subliminals must be aligned with your Countries currency. It’s a small detail that could impact your results.

Listen to subliminal messages in the gender you are. For instance, men should listen to male voices and women to female voices. Remember, your subconscious mind hears your voice constantly, and you want to select subliminals that are close to your voice, accent, tone, language, and goals as possible.

Subliminal Affirmations

The subliminal affirmations you select and listen to are the most critical aspect of your subliminal track. Your subliminal affirmations need to describe your desire or goal in as much detail as possible and describe your desire as it has already manifested. For the law of attraction to work, your subconscious mind must believe your desire has already manifested. This changes your vibrational energy, and you actually attract that desire into reality.

Therefore, the affirmations you use are the thing that builds the belief in your subconscious mind. Your subliminal track will play during sleep, and your subconscious mind will be reprogrammed with the subliminal affirmations within that track.

So, before you buy and subliminal track or download one from YouTube, make sure the subliminal affirmations are what you need to reprogram your subconscious to attract your goal. If they don’t have the subliminal affirmations you require, you might need to create your own.

For best results, record your own subliminal track, and your subconscious mind will accept every word quicker rather than a playlist created by someone else. If you need help with creating a personalised subliminal track with your exact goal that works 10x faster than a standard subliminal click here.


7. Exercise Visualisation When Listening To Your Subliminal Messages

The subconscious mind operates and thinks in image format and not in words. It views our world like a movie, and when you practice visualisation, it doesn’t recognise the difference between the imagination world and the real world.

Therefore, you are tricking your subconscious mind into believing your visualisation is real life. The more your subconscious mind witnesses the fictional creation, the more it assumes its reality and change happens. As you listen to your subliminal messages, before you fall asleep, begin to visualise the words and images the messages are presenting.

Observe yourself in the image and picture the statement as if it is already achieved. If you desire to lose weight when the subliminal messaging describe the weightloss transformation, you should imagine yourself at the weight you desire. The more you can visualise the outcome and result, the faster these subliminal messages become the reality you created.

I’ve you need help to improve your visualisation skills download your FREE EBOOK that will give you amazing tips and tricks to become better at visualisation within a matter of days.


8. Use A Subliminal Flush

A subliminal flush is a great way to flush out any negative thoughts, emotions and energy from your subconscious mind, so your subliminal messaging get deep into the reprogramming part of the mind.

A subliminal flush works in two ways. First, it removes negativity surrounding your subliminal goals, ultimately making your subliminal track work a lot faster. For instance, if you’re trying to attract more money into your bank account and you’re struggling, you need to flush out all your negativity regarding money.

Once you flush the negativity away, your subliminal track will reprogram your subconscious mind with positive affirmations towards attracting money and wealth. If you want to read more about subliminal flushes, check out this article.


9. Listen To A Subliminal Booster

A subliminal booster is ideal for refocusing and motivating your subconscious mind towards achieving your goal. A subliminal booster is a high-frequency subliminal track that incorporates extremely powerful affirmations to encourage and stimulate your subconscious.

A subliminal booster should only be used for a maximum of 5 minutes before your subliminal playlist begins. To find out why, read this article. But its main benefit is to boost the likelihood of your subliminal playlist working.

A subliminal booster should be applied if you haven’t received any results from your subliminal playlist if you have been listening for 30 days or more. Furthermore, use a booster if you feel like you have lost motivation and enthusiasm for your subliminal goal. 


10. Choose the Perfect Subliminal Program

Finding the perfect subliminal message program for your needs can be the most challenging part of using subliminals because we all have very different goals and desires. There are a lot of programs out there, and it is hard to know which ones will work best for you. The best way to find the perfect program is to look at the description and see if the subliminal affirmations are in harmony with your desires.

I always check 3 things when picking a subliminal program;

  1. The trustworthiness of the subliminal maker.
  2. The subliminal affirmations within the track.
  3. The background music.

I won’t use their program if I don’t trust the subliminal maker. It is really that simple. Why would I trust them with my subconscious mind if they can’t be trusted to make a quality product? I have a list of things a look out for to check for fake subliminals, you can read them here.

There are many different types of affirmations out there, but are they written to optimise reprogramming your subconscious mind?

The last thing that I look for is the music. I like to have relaxing, calm music in the background of my subliminal programs to which I can easily fall asleep. I don’t want any melodies or words that I can focus on and start singing along to. That takes away from the effectiveness of the affirmations.

Some people prefer natural sounds or binaural beats, which is perfectly fine. It really comes down to what you are most comfortable with and what will help you relax the best.


11. Listen to Your Subliminal Program Every Day

This is important if you want to see results quickly. The more you listen, the faster you will see results. I recommend listening to your programs at least 2-3 times a day, but if you can listen more often, that is even better.

I like to listen to my programs first thing in the morning, right before bed and sometimes during the day if I have a few minutes. It works really well when I have downtime, like driving, cooking, clearing and walking outdoors.

What if you miss a day or two?

Life happens, and sometimes we miss a day or two (or more) of listening to our subliminals. That is perfectly fine! Just pick up where you left off and keep going. The important thing is that you don’t give up, and you keep listening every day.

Suppose you have missed a week or more, then it might be time to rethink your goal because you might not be as passionate about that goal. Review your goals regularly, and always make sure your subliminal messaging matches your true desires, not what you think you want.


12. Listen For a Minimum of 21 Days

Subliminal messages work best when you give them time to work. I have seen people see results in a few days, but for most people, it takes weeks or even months to start seeing results.

Our subconscious minds have had years or even decades of being programmed in ways we might not want. To change this takes time and effort. Sometimes, the time out takes is so long that we give up.

If you are not seeing any results after 6 weeks, consider changing up your program or your goals. Sometimes we choose goals that are too big, and we need to break them down into smaller goals.

For example, money;

Instead of listening to millionaire subliminal messaging, try and create a subliminal program that attracts $1,000. This is your mini step towards the big goal of becoming a millionaire. Each time you manifest your mini-goal, ten times it next time.

  • Goal 1: $1,000
  • Goal 2: $10,000
  • Goal 3: $100,000
  • Goal 4: $1,000,000

 13. Design a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a fun way to help manifest your goals. It is also a great way to keep your goals front and centre, so you don’t forget what it is you are working so hard to achieve.

To create a vision board, all you need is some poster board, magazines, scissors and glue. You can find all of these items at any dollar store.

Start by flipping through the magazines and cutting out images and words that match your goals. Once you have a nice selection, start glueing them onto the poster board. You can create any design you want, and there is no right or wrong way to do this.

Once your vision board is complete, hang it up in a place where you will see it every day. This might be your bedroom, office or kitchen. Similarly, look at your vision board while your subliminal is playing. It builds the image and imprints it in the subconscious.


14. Take Action Steps Toward Your Goal

This is a very important step that a lot of people miss when trying to manifest their goals. You can listen to all the subliminal programs and have the most amazing goals, but if you don’t take any action steps towards those goals, you will never achieve them.

For example, let’s say your goal is to lose weight. You can listen to all the subliminal programs and have a vision board full of skinny celebrities, but unless you take some action steps towards that goal, it will never happen.

Some action steps you might take are:

  • Eating healthy meals
  • Exercising regularly
  • Taking vitamins and supplements
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Avoiding sugary drinks and junk food
  • Getting enough sleep

You need to find what action steps work for you and your goals. The best way to find out is to experiment and try different things until you find what works.


15. Create Personalised Subliminals

Personalised subliminals are recordings that you make yourself using positive affirmations that relate to your specific goals. You can construct your own affirmations or use some that resonate with your goal.

Creating personalised subliminals is easy and only takes a few minutes. All you need is a recording device and some quiet time to record your affirmations. I like to use my mobile phone and record myself reading out my affirmations.

Once I have the recording, I use a tool called Audacity to create my subliminal track, adding the perfect background music and length. I convert my affirmations down into a subliminal frequency and then upload my finished track to my mobile phone to use offline at night.

If you want to find out the step-by-step process of creating your own subliminal program, read this guide.


My goal in this article is to provide you with 9 incredible tips for how your subliminal messaging can work faster so that you reach your goals quicker. Using these nine ways, I hope to make it easier for you to achieve your life’s desires and dreams. 

Have you noticed any change in the way your subconscious mind operates since starting a program of regular listening? What were some things that have happened because of what you’ve heard on one or more tracks? 

If not yet, keep checking back each week as there will be new articles about different topics related to self-improvement! Be sure to check out my store, where I sell all sorts of great subliminals, including motivational music and custom made tracks.

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