15 Simple Ways to Brighten Someone’s Life Today

There are 15 Easy Ways to Make Today a Better Day for Someone Else


In the month of December of the previous year, I was in Phoenix for a major event that was attended by around one thousand people.

I happened to run across the event’s organiser in the corridor during one of the several breaks that were provided. I was unfamiliar with him and we had never spoken; the only way I was familiar with him was via his performances on stage.

I gave him a firm handshake and expressed my gratitude for the enjoyable experience I had been enjoying up to that point.

He looked me square in the eyes and then said, “I’m very delighted you are here.” It was clear both from his tone and his demeanour that he was being honest. It felt like love.

The conversation lasted for less than thirty seconds, yet it altered the whole of both my day and night. I had the impression that I was valued and respected. The light shone into my life.

To tell you the truth, here I am, almost six months later, and I’m still talking about the impact that little conversation had on me.

As soon as Brennan Manning expressed it, “In each contact, we both give life or we drain it,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Let’s make it a point to give life and love to one another in this planet that is so sorely in need of both.

And as was shown to me not once, but twice in the last half a year ago, these life-affirming conversations don’t always need to be drawn out and time-consuming. They are, in most cases, a piece of cake to complete. In point of fact, here is a list of 15 activities that it is quite likely that you will be able to do before the end of the day:

15 Simple Ways to Make Today a Better Day for Someone Else Right Away

Provide a commendation.

Compliment someone on their job, their smile, or an admirable feature that you’ve seen in them throughout the course of their life.

Send a heartfelt note, message, or text to your significant other.

A thoughtful statement shared via a personal message takes less than one minute to send yet conveys a significant and powerful message that may last a lifetime.

Go away an extra $5 tip.

Those who don’t usually leave tips may consider doing so in order to make someone else’s day more enjoyable. Those that do this often should randomly add more to it in order to get the work done successfully.

Say “I like you.”

The old statement that you don’t tell someone “I like you” often enough is still relevant today since it accurately describes human interaction (sadly). Your mother and father, your spouse, and your children all need to hear this reminder once again right now.

Offer to foot the bill for an unknown person’s coffee or dinner.

During the time when my partner and I were in a relationship, we were dining at Applebee’s, and a stranger couple paid for our bill completely at random and in secret. It was a simple action that we continue to do practically every time we dine at an Applebee’s, which is still the case 25 years later.

Do you want to make someone’s day more enjoyable and give them a story that they can share with everyone else they come in contact with for the rest of the day? At the drive-thru, if there is a customer waiting behind you in line for espresso, pay for their drink.

Make sure you don’t forget to inquire about an important aspect of the lives of a close friend or co-worker of yours.

When a friend or coworker of yours informs you about an impending meeting or event, make a mental note to inquire about how it went the next time you see that person so you can find out what happened.

Get out of work earlier than usual.

If you have children, you should anticipate that they will eventually move out of the home. In addition, it is always a pleasant surprise to have one’s mother or father arrive home from work early, especially during the warmer months of the year.

That family from your area who is battling illness, the family who just had a baby, or the parent who is working very hard to raise their kid by themselves. Make arrangements for someone to bring them a home-cooked supper or a gift card to a nearby restaurant. The gift gives both money and time to the recipient. But even more importantly, it serves as a reminder to people that they are not the only ones.

Complete a transaction with.

Donuts for the office or the family’s all-time favourite dessert for the home. Both of these things are sure to make someone’s day better.

While you’re visiting a famous landmark, offer to snap a picture for someone.

The next time you are at a well-known location or see a couple or family attempting to snap a selfie of themselves, offer to carry the digital camera and take the picture for them instead. The simple action often takes less than a few seconds, but it provides a lifetime of memories for the people who are captured in the image, especially if they are attempting to capture a moment in the background.

Always leave the door open in case someone wants to enter.

In the society we live in after the pandemic, a seemingly little action like this one seems to have taken on a far greater meaning. Those who have previously touched the handle should take the extra step and hold it open for the next person so that they don’t have to. This will save everyone time.

Share with a trusted friend that you have been thinking a lot about them.

Tell a close friend about whatever it was that happened throughout the day that made you think of them in the first place. “I just finished seeing , and since you were the first person to tell me about it, I immediately thought of you while I was watching it.” “I just ate at __, and the fact that I did makes me think of you since I know how much you like going there,” you say.

Laugh heartily at the joke that your close buddy just told you.

Continue on, even when the situation is not very hilarious. If someone takes the time to attempt to make you laugh, the very least you are able to do is thank them with it by laughing along with them.

Share with a person the impact that they’ve had on your life.

Take the time to let someone know that their words, deeds, or life has inspired you and changed you for the better in any way, especially if you feel that change has been for the better.

Remark to them, “I must say, it’s great to see you.”

with complete openness and candour. You have no idea how much of an impact a little statement can have, and you have no idea how little you know. Who knows, maybe it will motivate someone to write a blog post that will be read by tens of thousands of people months from now…

A more positive and less difficult world? Thank you very much.

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