15 Completely different Types of Divination

15 Completely different Types of Divination

What’s divination?

People have been fascinated with predicting the long run for hundreds of years, which is why so many alternative types of divination exist. The phrase divination is derived from the phrases “divining the long run” and refers to any observe that’s used as a software to foretell the result of future occasions.

Most divinatory practices have a typical suffix, “mancy”, one other time period for divination derived from the French, Latin, and Greek languages.

15 Completely different Types of Divination


Tasseography is a technique of divination that includes studying an individual’s tea leaves. The form that the tea leaves create after ingesting a cup of tea will decide the drinker’s destiny. Folks generally practiced this methodology in historical China, Greece, the Center East, and Europe.


When many people consider a fortune teller divining the long run, we consider an individual sitting at a desk trying right into a crystal ball. This stereotypical illustration of the fortune teller is derived from the observe of Crystallomancy, the place the diviner makes use of the abovementioned gadgets to scry into the long run and acquire details about the enquirer.


Runes are stones with sure symbols carved or drawn onto them with particular meanings. The symbols on runes are derived from historical German and Nordic tribes and are mentioned to deliver knowledge and perception about life and the long run to the caster.


Often known as palmistry, Chiromancy is a type of divination the place you learn the strains and formations in your hand to achieve perception into your persona and future. The strains in your hand change over time, and these modifications are mentioned to be essential indicators of previous and future occasions and experiences.


Extra generally generally known as dream interpretation, Oneiromancy is the tactic of decoding and analyzing the symbols offered in your goals to achieve perception into your unconscious and the long run. The easiest way to observe Oneiromancy is by maintaining a dream journal and dream dictionary, journaling your goals, and referring to the dictionary to achieve perception about your self and what’s to come back.


Utilizing your identify and start date, Numerology makes use of numbers to find out your destiny and provides perception into your persona and future. One of the crucial essential elements in Numerology is your life path quantity, the place you add collectively the numbers of your birthday to find out which life path you must observe.


Each considered one of us has a novel handwriting type, and this type can maintain many indicators of our emotional, psychological, and unconscious states. Graphology is the observe of decoding an individual’s handwriting to know the general power and state of being of the author. Forensic handwriting is sort of like a scientific model of Graphology, the place legislation enforcement makes use of handwriting to profile and determine potential suspects and criminals.


Cartomancy includes utilizing playing cards to achieve perception into the previous, current, and future and the emotional and psychological state of the enquirer. There are various types of cartomancy current immediately, together with studying normal taking part in playing cards, the tarot, and studying oracle playing cards. The reader of the playing cards should use the symbolism and which means assigned to the playing cards and use their instinct to information the inquirer.


Astrology is likely one of the mostly used and well-known strategies to foretell the long run or destiny of a person. It’s believed that the celebs and planets have divine meanings connected to them, and one can divine the long run and decide essential details about one’s life by learning the patterns and meanings of the celebs and planets. Within the Center Ages, astrology was utilized by the royal courts in Europe and was seen as a helpful supply of data.


In Phyllomancy, leaves are used to find out the long run. For instance, one can observe how leaves fall from timber, and the patterns they create are mentioned to carry important info. One other type of Phyllomancy is throwing leaves into water, and relying on how they land, one can point out what’s to come back sooner or later.


Oomancy permits you to divine the long run via observing the patterns created when a uncooked egg is thrown right into a glass of water. The observe of Oomancy can also be generally used to find out the fertility of a person and whether or not a girl is pregnant or will fall pregnant.


Within the observe of Geomancy, one makes use of objects to create a sample unconsciously, which is alleged to find out the long run or an individual’s present mindstate. The commonest type of Geomancy is utilizing a pen and paper, closing your eyes, and making dots on the paper with the pen. The sample you create doing that is mentioned to carry insightful info.


Have you ever ever tossed a coin to determine the very best plan of action? If sure, then you’ve gotten practiced Cleromancy. On this type of divination, an object is thrown, and relying on how the thing lands, one can decide the very best plan of action to take.


When practising Ceromancy, the caster will soften wax right into a water bowl. The form shaped by the wax determines the inquirer’s destiny and important details about their psychological and emotional state.


In bibliomancy, a e-book or the bible is used, and the enquirer opens the e-book on a random web page. The very first thing the enquirer reads is alleged to behold an essential message concerning the future, or it may be a helpful piece of recommendation or info that must be seen at that second.

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