what does the moon symbolize?

12 Non secular Meanings of Moon

For the reason that daybreak of humanity, the Moon has shone within the evening sky, progressing by way of its unending cycle of waxing and waning, inflicting folks to gaze up and surprise what it meant.

Unsurprisingly, the Moon has featured within the tales and mythology of individuals down the ages, and for anybody who needs to know extra, on this put up, we have a look at Moon symbolism and focus on what the Moon has signified to completely different peoples at completely different instances.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Moon 1

what does the moon symbolize?

1. Femininity

Some of the generally recurring symbolisms the Moon has had world wide is that of femininity and feminine vitality – and in most cultures, the Solar is the other, representing masculinity and male vitality.

That is partly associated to the truth that the Moon doesn’t produce mild of its personal however as an alternative displays the sunshine of the Solar.

Because of this, the Moon represents conventional female traits corresponding to passivity, gentleness and softness – in distinction with the Solar’s lively, decisive, burning vitality.

The form of the total moon is paying homage to a pregnant lady’s stomach, and the Moon has additionally been linked to varied deities associated to girls, being pregnant and childbirth in a variety of cultures.

In Greek mythology, the Moon was related to Artemis, the goddess of looking, virginity and childbirth – and the Roman equal, Diana, was the goddess of woodland and ladies. Hecate, the goddess of cycles, beginning and instinct was additionally linked with the Moon.

In Christian symbolism, the Virgin Mary was seen as having a reference to the Moon and is usually seen depicted as standing on a illustration of the Moon.

Equally, in historic Chinese language perception, a goddess named Kuan Yin who watched over pregnant girls and guarded them throughout childbirth was additionally linked to the Moon.

Nonetheless, whereas it’s extra widespread for the Moon to be related to feminine vitality and femininity, some cultures have seen the Moon as representing the masculine, with the Solar representing the female as an alternative.

An instance can be the Historical Egyptian god Thoth, who was related to secrets and techniques, hidden which means and magic.

2. Cyclical nature of the universe

For the reason that Moon consistently goes by way of a cycle that features the brand new moon, the waxing moon, the total moon the waning moon after which the brand new moon once more, it has additionally come to represent the cyclical nature of the universe.

The cycle of beginning, ageing, dying and rebirth is repeated numerous instances in nature, and the Moon’s phases are the proper metaphor for this.

All animals and vegetation on Earth are born, mature, reproduce after which die, however when one thing dies, its offspring proceed the cycle, so that every dying can be a brand new starting.

The identical is true of the Moon. The ultimate day of the cycle when the Moon disappears from sight can be the primary day of a brand new cycle, and the next day, the waxing crescent Moon reappears, so with the “dying” of the outdated moon comes the “rebirth” of a brand new one.

3. Human lifecycle

Equally, the Moon additionally represents the completely different steps of human life.

The brand new moon symbolizes beginning, after which the waxing moon represents our progress in direction of maturity. The total moon symbolizes the prime of our lives, after which we face a decline in direction of dying.

That is the inevitable course of all of us undergo, however simply as with all cycles, the top additionally represents rebirth. This may be taken to imply the beginning of the subsequent era, however for individuals who consider in reincarnation, it will probably additionally symbolize our rebirth into the subsequent life.

4. The passing of time

Though the Western calendar relies on the Solar, many cultures historically measure the passing of time primarily based on the Moon.

For instance, the normal Chinese language calendar relies on the Moon, and the dates of necessary occasions annually, such because the Spring Pageant (Chinese language New 12 months) or the Mid-Autumn Pageant, are decided by the Moon.

Mid-Autumn Pageant is a Chinese language pageant that celebrates the biggest moon of the yr, and on that day, it’s customary to eat mooncakes (月饼 yuèbing).

Moreover, the Chinese language character for “month” (月 yuè) can be the identical because the character for “moon”, once more displaying how the Moon is intently linked to the passing of time.

5. Hidden affect

Though we are able to’t see it immediately, the Moon has a profound affect over every kind of processes on Earth.

Some of the apparent examples of that is the way in which the Moon impacts the tides, inflicting the ocean to rise and fall because of the gravity it exerts.

For that reason, the Moon can symbolize invisible but highly effective affect and unseen management.

6. Feelings

In addition to affecting processes such because the tides, it has lengthy been believed that the Moon impacts human feelings and moods, and a few folks can grow to be extra lively, irritated or emotional across the time of the total moon.

Phrases like “lunacy” and “lunatic” are derived from the Latin phrase for “moon”, luna. It is because folks although that the total moon induced folks to behave extra irrationally and extra emotionally than traditional.

That is additionally seen in outdated superstitions and folklore – for instance, it’s supposedly the total moon that causes folks to alter into werewolves as soon as a month.

Moreover, the Moon doesn’t simply have an effect on the temper of people however of animals too. Sure animals might grow to be extra agitated across the full moon – for instance, the total moon is related to wolves howling, additionally connecting it to beliefs about werewolves.

7. Stability, yin yang, darkish and lightweight

For the reason that Moon types a pair with the Solar, it symbolizes steadiness.

The Moon and the Solar exist collectively and symbolize the dichotomy between darkish and lightweight, female and male, aware and unconscious, ignorance and information, naivety and knowledge and, in fact, yin and yang.

There are numerous such pairings in nature, and one half of the pair can’t exist with out the opposite. That is elementary to the functioning of the universe and is represented by the pairing and opposition of the Solar and the Moon.

8. The unconscious thoughts

In addition to representing the dichotomy between aware and unconscious, the Moon additionally symbolizes the unconscious thoughts.

Because the Moon orbits the Earth, it consistently turns so the identical face is at all times oriented in direction of us – and the far aspect is at all times invisible.

Because the Moon goes by way of its phases, a few of it is usually hidden within the Earth’s shadow – apart from on the evening of the total moon, once we can see the complete disc.

Nonetheless, the far aspect and the half that’s hidden in shadow are nonetheless at all times there.

This is rather like our unconscious thoughts as a result of, though we’d not know precisely what’s there, we all know that our unconscious thoughts exists and that it will probably have a strong affect over our aware ideas and actions.

9. Astrology, Most cancers, the Crab

In astrology, the Moon is said to the signal of Most cancers and the Crab.

Unsurprisingly, this signal is said to feelings, revolutionary pondering and historically female qualities.

Because of the reference to crabs – in addition to the tides – the Moon additionally symbolizes the ocean and the creatures that dwell in it, particularly these with shells.

10. Illumination

The Moon doesn’t emit mild itself however moderately displays the sunshine of the Solar. With out the sunshine of the Solar, it could be darkish and invisible, however the mild of the Solar illuminates it within the evening sky.

For that reason, the Moon symbolizes illumination, each actually and figuratively.

Ignorance is like residing at midnight, and information is the illumination of discovering and figuring out the reality.

This may be utilized to gaining information about information, for instance figuring out about historical past and what occurred up to now, nevertheless it additionally applies to our religious journey and awakening.

For many individuals, earlier than religious exploration and discovery, life may be considered like residing at midnight.

Nonetheless, by way of meditation and deep reflection, we are able to study concerning the secrets and techniques of our existence, and that is just like the illumination of the Moon within the mild of the Solar.

11. Darkness and thriller

For the reason that Moon comes out at evening, it symbolizes the darkness, thriller and animals of the evening.

There are various the explanation why nighttime is related to magic and thriller. The darkness hides issues from sight, and we by no means know what is occurring outdoors whereas we’re sleeping.

The a part of the evening after midnight is called the “witching hour” as a result of at the moment, most individuals are asleep and few persons are about, and it’s additionally the time when the spirit world and the fabric realm are most intently aligned.

Animals corresponding to owls, bats and cats come out at evening, and these animals are additionally linked to witchcraft, so the Moon is a strong image of the mysterious and unknown side of the dead nights.

12. Love

The Moon is an emblem of affection – and never simply because the concept of two lovers sitting outdoors within the moonlight is extremely romantic.

One purpose the Moon represents love is that, as we now have mentioned, together with the Solar, it’s one half of an inseparable pair.

Though the Solar and the Moon are completely different and occupy completely different areas, they’re additionally a part of one another, identical to a pair of lovers. They aren’t the identical particular person, and so they occupy completely different areas, however they require the presence of the opposite to be full.

One other a part of this symbolism of affection is that even when lovers are aside, they will each search for into the sky on the identical time and know that the Moon is wanting down on them each, connecting them, even when they’re separated by distance.

The symbolism of the completely different phases of the Moon

From new moon to full moon and again, the Moon goes by way of eight distinct phases, and every part has its personal distinct symbolism – so let’s have a look at this now.

  1. New moon

The brand new moon symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings, for apparent causes.

The outdated moon has disappeared, and though we are able to’t but see it as a result of it’s hidden within the shadow of the Earth, the brand new moon has already been born and is filled with the potential that’s about to be launched.

  1. Waxing crescent

The waxing moon symbolizes the build up of the potential energies that can culminate within the full moon. This implies the primary half, the waxing crescent part, represents new resolutions and ambitions that you just want to pursue.

  1. Waxing half moon

Precisely half-way between the brand new moon and the total moon is the waxing half-moon. The Moon is on this state for just one evening out of the entire cycle, and this particular second symbolizes the decisiveness and dedication to achieve your targets.

  1. Waxing gibbous

The Moon continues to develop within the sky every evening as it really works in direction of the total moon, and this part represents the practising and perfecting of the abilities which are wanted to realize one’s aims.

  1. Full moon

Lastly, the Moon reaches its largest dimension, and on this one evening, the entire disc turns into seen within the evening sky. The total moon represents the end result of all of your efforts and symbolizes the fullness of life in its prime.

  1. Waning gibbous

After the total moon, the disc as soon as once more begins to decrease, and this represents the time to take inventory of all that you just’ve achieved and to reap the rewards of your arduous work and dedication.

  1. Waning half moon

The waning half-moon, just like the waxing half-moon, solely seems on one evening of the cycle. It represents forgiving individuals who have wronged you and letting go of issues which have upset you.

  1. Waning crescent

Because the moon disc narrows ever extra every evening, the symbolism is of acceptance. The tip is close to, however it’s inevitable, so that you shouldn’t struggle it. And as at all times, keep in mind that with each finish additionally comes a brand new starting.

Numerous symbolisms in keeping with completely different cultures

As we now have seen, the Moon has symbolized various things to folks world wide, though most of the concepts are surprisingly comparable.

The Moon is often linked with femininity and female vitality, and it is usually seen as representing the cyclical nature of the universe. Moreover, it additionally reminds many individuals of the human journey from beginning by way of to maturity to dying after which rebirth once more.

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